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Blog find of the week: Al Jazeera Blogs

Al Jazeera TV is my first stop for wider and deeper coverage of international news on TV, especially when it comes to Africa. I think I can safely argue that no mainstream international news channel is covering Africa the way Al Jazeera is today (an aside: I think CNN’s Inside Africa is vastly improved).

So […]

African Fashion Mags In NY Times

Nice profile of African fashion magazines in the NYTimes, but the writer

should have consulted Binyavinga’s “How to write about Africa” piece before constructing that first paragraph

Sub-Saharan Africa does not bring to mind an image of a woman with perfectly manicured nails flipping through glossy magazines in search of the latest handbag or […]

African Arguments Online

If you haven’t been to African Arguments Online, definitely worth a visit. There’s an interesting series going on right now about post-election violence and justice in Kenya.

About the website:

Africa has long been the locus and the focus for the most impassioned and intellectually-informed debates. But for many years, specialist Africa coverage in […]

Barcamp Diaspora

For US/DC folks, Barcamp Diaspora will be held at John Hopkins on July 25, 2009. The theme is “Investing our Talent Where it Counts.”

More details here.

Beyond the Romance of Micro-finance


World Economic Forum, Africa

I’m in Cape Town for the World Economic Forum. I’m a panelist on the Mobile Revolution panel tomorrow afternoon, along with Michael Joseph, Nick Nesbitt (Kencall), and Wolfgang Lehmacher (Geopost). You can catch a livestream of the panels here.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to ask/discuss on the panel.


Africa Diaspora Marketplace

For US-based diaspora folks, your chance to make a difference back home?

“The USAID and Western Union have launched a business-development program that will support U.S.-based African Diaspora in creating plans for sustainable start-up and established businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. The program will also provide grant funding to 10-20 small-and-medium businesses with the strongest […]

Nominate Champions of Quality Education in Africa

Winners get a cash prize of $5,000, lots of exposure and other support.

Via the website:

We are building a network of innovative education entrepreneurs who are focused on improving the learning of African students. We are looking for entrepreneurial African educators and organizations who are working to ensure that pupils in Africa […]