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African Arguments Online

If you haven’t been to African Arguments Online, definitely worth a visit. There’s an interesting series going on right now about post-election violence and justice in Kenya.

About the website:

Africa has long been the locus and the focus for the most impassioned and intellectually-informed debates. But for many years, specialist Africa coverage in the world’s media has been in decline, alongside the withering of many African journals and magazines that used to provide a forum for debate and opinion. African news and views have moved to the web, notably with the spectacular success of www.AllAfrica.com. But there has been no comparable Africa-wide site which provides in-depth analysis and debate of the issues and controversies that animate the continent today. With the launch of African Arguments Online we intend to fill this gap.

Three years ago we launched the book series ‘African Arguments’ with the International African Institute and Zed Books and distributed by Palgrave Macmillan in the USA. Our aim was to bring vigorous debates on the most pressing African issues to a wider audience. With eight books published and two more due shortly the series has quickly become a lively and high-quality imprint.

In launching African Arguments Online, we will bring these issues to a wider audience with the rapidity of a news magazine and the reach of the internet. We have asked a number of leading public intellectuals—writers, scholars, activists—to contribute regular columns.

8 comments to African Arguments Online

  • Kenyan

    I saw your tweet about “almost nil” and wanted to say thumps up for your opinion posts. Not everyone finds them totally meaningless. I for one enjoy them.Keep up the good work.I think the debate, though, needs to shift into a post Kibaki-Raila-PEV scene. Its a given that none of these items have a shelf life of more than a few years. Intellectual capital should therefore be spend on formulating /designing the ideal kenya, say, from 2015 forward.

  • Cho

    What is the link to the website?

  • African Arguements online is an excellent resource.
    Also bucking the trend of the world media producing sound bites about Africa, the Guardian Newspaper’s Katine project website sets out to do what the authors of African Arguements have so astutely observed is lacking both in print and on the web: “in-depth analysis and debate of the issues and controversies that animate the continent today”.

    Rather than focus on the entire continent, Katine Chronicles openly discusses the successes and challenges of development work in a north-eastern sub-county in Uganda where the newspaper runs a joint development initiative with the African NGO AMREF. Beyond that it offers a platform for the views of project beneficiaries, local journalists and grassroots NGOs to reach a wider audience.

    Are some views tinged with a western bias? Perhaps. Are there questions about the sustainability of the project? Certainly. But what it achieves is a relentless focus on the wide ranging issues that a relevant to a people and a continent that is often misunderstood and misrepresented.

    Please check it out: http://www.guardian.co.uk/katine

  • @Cho i bet you just have to Google for the link….

  • Its a noble approach towards giving voiceless people a plateau for expression and identification. Consequently , I will, together with continentfolks, have that rare and precious chance to share knowledge and penetrate our way forward . Critics are having an easier workload to throw discouraging icy water on you , lets give this lucrative idea time to attest itself. its on its threshold and requires our support to flourish. As to those qualming , donate your contributions and lets sit aside eagerly . Bright future argument Africa.

  • Raymond Zbylut

    This post is in regards to MS. Okollo’s TEDS TALKS, which she did in June 2007, and posted 2008: Ms.Ory Okolloh is definately on the right track, and doing great things for Kenyans, Africans, and people al over the world as her activism is educational for all. I felt slighted, and disheartened when she showed the slide of the White Woman that read, “I am African,” and she replied: “no you’re not, no you’re not.” Suddenly I felt as if I were listening to an American Black Nationalist of the 1960’s. Perhaps the woman was African by nationality, perhaps she was European model making an AIDS awareness statement to help in the fight against this horrific disease in Africa, perhaps she used these word to help in the fight against racisim, that all human beings can trace their heritage to Africa. What was her intention of showing this white woman at this venue, and then disparaging her to this intelligent and sophisticated audience? The slide and (racist?) remark had zero (if not negative,) significance to he otherwise brilliant presentation.

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