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Blog find of the week: Discover JKUAT

Wow, what an eye-opener.  We rarely think of Kenyan public universities as centers of innovation anymore (at least I don’t).  So discovering the JKUAT blog has been a revelation. Plus so much of the news around Kenya is negative nowadays, hard to remember why we love our country so much some times.

Highlights […]

Quick Hits: Oct 7

– Can Cape Town become South Africa’s Silicon Valley (interesting debate in the comments as well)?  And Nairobi for East Africa?

– Is it just me, or is gender-based sexual violence now a requisite part of political violence (not just war) in Africa?

– Cave-dwelling blogger hasn’t spent money in 9 years.  Um. […]

African Fashion Mags In NY Times

Nice profile of African fashion magazines in the NYTimes, but the writer

should have consulted Binyavinga’s “How to write about Africa” piece before constructing that first paragraph

Sub-Saharan Africa does not bring to mind an image of a woman with perfectly manicured nails flipping through glossy magazines in search of the latest handbag or […]

Personal Maxims

Trying to get my blogging mojo back, and I have been spending quite a bit of time lately mentoring young students, and it occurred to me that as I’m settling into my 30s I’m developing a set of maxims that guide me…thought I’d share some of them.

– If you want to make something happen, […]