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Quick Hits: March 10 2009

– Fake ODM takeover strategy that’s going around the interwebs via Wikileaks.

– No matter how bad things are getting in Kenya, I don’t miss Moi. Keguro reminds us why you shouldn’t either.

– The UNEP Humvee re-emerges. In Nairobi National Park no less.

– Txteagle – really cool service that is […]

Open letter to PM Raila Odinga on assasination of activists

Full text can be found here.

Update on assasination of Oscar and GPO

Via Dipesh at Sukuma – a comment left on his blog:

“I was there in person to witness our activist shot to dead . It was a shocking scenario that will never be erased from my mind.Six bullets in a somebody’s head ,reason …he is a threat to the police extrajudicial findings ,as a […]

Two Civil Society Activists Murdered in Nairobi

What the fuck is going on in Kenya???? Is the police state creeping back???

I don’t think I can get anymore despondent about the direction in which things are going….

Below, an official statement by KNCHR and other civil society organizations.


Kenya one year on – have the wounds healed?

The Frontline Club is hosting this talk tomorrow March 3rd at 7:00 pm GMT. Taking part will be Michela Wrong, Professor John Lonsdale, Joseph Warungu, Martin Kimani and Lindsey Hilsum.

You can catch the livestream here.