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KELELE – it’s a conference

It will be a couple of years after the brouhaha surrounding the first African bloggers conference in Grahamstown SA and its supposed lack of diversity, but it’s finally good to see the announcement about an African bloggers conference in Nairobi. Hopefully those of you who felt that Grahamstown could have “looked” better will take this […]

Amnesia: an art installation

APPEAL FOR AN ART INSTALLATION (by Prina Shah) My name is Prina Shah and I am a Visual Artist in Kenya. Currently, I am working on an Art Installation (art that is created for a specific site/venue, often incorporating materials or physical features of the site), for an exhibition project called AMNESIA, taking place this […]

Kwani Litfest on Africa Journal

For those you missed the Litfest, catch a glimpse of the goings on via this report.

And speaking of a reading culture in Kenya, I’d be curious to see your thoughts on this post about promoting reading in Kenya (hat tip Dipesh!).

African Cities Reader

The African Cities Reader seeks submissions for its launch issue (2008/9) organised around the theme: “Pan-African Practices”. The Reader is open to writing and art in multiple genres (literature, philosophy, faction, reportage, ethnographic narrative, etc) and forms of representation (text, image, sound and possibly performance) by practitioners, academics, activists and artists from diverse fields across […]

24 Nairobi

I’m loving this! It’s all about something I’m passionate about…creating our own content, telling our own stories, and reflecting the diversity of Africa. Kudos to the folks behind it (and doesn’t Nairobi look HOT!!! Hat tip Juergen!

24 Nairobi “is intended as a showcase of a modern African city through the eyes of its own […]

Update on Ushahidi smart phone development

As Erik notes, we will be doing a lot more than smart phone development, but the team has been making great progress on the Java and Iphone apps (and soon Android) and we would love to get your feedback.

Info-activism Camp for advocacy groups/activists

“Struggling to make an impact on your target audience? Are issues unresolved despite your best efforts? Are issues unresolved despite your best efforts? Do the internet, mobile phones or information design present exciting possibilities in advocacy but difficult to take advantage of? The Info Activism camp, to be held in Bangalore, India from February 19 […]

Quick Hits Oct 4

– Tech scene buzzing in Africa (and yes not just in South Africa). Particularly happy to see the Skunkworks event getting underway…this is an outcome from Barcamp Nairobi and other forums where local developers have been complaining about the fact that the government and local companies don’t support local software developers…now the govt & industry […]