KELELE – it’s a conference

It will be a couple of years after the brouhaha surrounding the first African bloggers conference in Grahamstown SA and its supposed lack of diversity, but it’s finally good to see the announcement about an African bloggers conference in Nairobi. Hopefully those of you who felt that Grahamstown could have “looked” better will take this opportunity to help shape Kelele into what you’d like it to be as far as representing the African blogosphere (yes, no bitching after the fact is what I’m saying!).

4 comments to KELELE – it’s a conference

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  • Inari

    Such a shame I won’t be there to see it! I’m sure that those of us in the diaspora would love to attend/contribute, but unless there are web conferencing facilities, it looks like it will have to stay local for now. Still, good luck to all those who do show up to participate.

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