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ODM rejects Waki report

Well then…I really have nothing to add except that in case it wasn’t clear to Odinga before, it should be now…ODM ina wenyewe. He had an opportunity to make it clear who’s running the show and he didn’t…perhaps putting a premium on keeping his slim majority in Parliament…this will definitely come back to bite him in 2012 on whenever the next election will be.

5 comments to ODM rejects Waki report

  • Frank

    Well duuuh! Not surprised at all by this. Ive been saying since just after the 2007 elections that Kenyans need to kick out both parties and their leaders. we need entirely fresh leadership. Kenya needs an “Obama moment” short of which we are only fooling ourselves by puting back Kibaki,Odinga,Kalonzo,Karua,Uhuru or these old guard guys. Knowing Kenyans w’ell just circulate the same old leaders.sigh

  • joe

    The notion that implementing the Waki report will open ethnic wounds does not hold water. Kenyans forgave the 1992 and 1997 tribal clashes and the ethnic wounds never healed. 2007 Post election violence attests this.Today while IDPs continue to suffer in camps .Kibaki is seating pretty in state house pretending to be a leader. I say hand all of them over to the ICC. No kikuyu will cry if kibaki is arrested .He has lost all support,sympathy and credibility

    Kibaki and Ruto should be the first to be arrested

  • julius

    Funga hii watu!! ODM is now talking of Kenya has a constitution and courts!!!Lol.What kind of callousness is this.ICC MUST be the ultimate destination.A strong message should be sent to the likes of Ababu that there are stronger powers than kenyan MPS who can call on them to account.

  • I come from the school of thought that is very Scientific, I believe in probability. What is the chance that this guys will look for another shell before 2012, give it a name and believe that they are born again and their sins watched away. I have followed Kenyan politics closely since formation of FORD, have seen them all, FORD-K, FORD-A, NARC, NARC-K, ODM-K, ODM and PNU, off course I have left out others. The point is we need people who ‘are inexperienced’ in looting, corruption, judicial rape, tribal incitement and all evils that we have seen in Kenya. On the waki report, these guys should face the Hague, whether its PNU or ODM or Mugiki, the blood of Kenyans that was shade is haunting them.


    let us not be cheated on the waki report.let the first culprits be KIBAKI and raila and other keyans will follow suit.i will prsonally with my whole brain heart and soul reject it in toto.let them be the first onrs to face the tribunal or the ICC.RUTO or UHURU being the first ones will give a wrong signal-they should be the last..The chief justice,ECK commissioners,the police and the NSIS Should come second.:mrgreen: