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Zuku broadband review

I know Wananchi folks read KP, anyone care to respond to this scathing review (esp on customer service).

52 comments to Zuku broadband review

  • hai Ory. been a while, i trust you are well?

    i keenly await responses too.

  • Anon

    They are very rubbish. No customer service after you pay. They take too long to connect. Speeds are pathetic. When you complain, they say it’s shared. One sales fellow also told me ‘read the small print, we can’t do anything…’. Their staff are very rude over the phone and in the offices. I lost Ksh.10800, but i’m glad now i’ve joined with orange broadband. They charge abit more but excellent service. Speeds are amazing. And the livebox is a fasinating piece of equipment.

    It’s so unfortunate to see a company like wananchi go down this road. Hopefully their directors see the light and get their staff trained properly.

  • omar

    …hi there…when did you take Zuku broadband? They said to me its shared, but they said I will get at least 64kbps….after reading ur comment…I am tensed now!

  • Anon1

    was thinking about getting the zuku tv and broadband package but didnt know anybody who actually has it. Now that i have read this? Hell no!! The classical Kenyan company that all thrive on bait and switch.. Nothing is what it seems… Orange here i come!!!

  • Shei


    I hope that this is just a prank that Zuku doesn’t work. Is it that pathetic? Is it true that their customer care is wanting? Has anyone tried the Access @ home? Is it any better? I am trying to get the best for maximum usage 24/7.

  • judy

    They called our office twice a day once we phoned to enquire about ZUKU. Seemed remakeably polite etc. . And we took the bait and paid. Now? They have completely vanished, are totally ruder and their customer service reccommended we write a complaint letter to their MD! But the trouble is we need our receipt number to do this and ofcourse three days later, nothing. Meanwhile we have been disconnected from our normal Africa Online Service, and have sunk all this money in with ZUKU. And now that we have nothing they are demanding a further 7,000 shillings to proceed. I really wish their bbuilding and big dish would go up in smoke.

  • I think its time we decide the best ISP in kenya.I have set up a few discussions on my blog and on my forum,check them out


  • kamikazie

    I was thinking about zuku after attending their exhibition at Serena Hotel. I think that I will try Orange, thank you guys. It seems zuku is one big scam.

  • sitofahamu

    Actually, save for the sometimes frequent downtime, Zuku offers excellent speeds, delivering what a bundle promises during off peak hours. I have seen the 1mb option in action and it is quite good (speedwise). DL clocks 1mbps on weekends and at night.

    However, it looks like they are having some teething problems (the thing goes down for several hours at least twice per week).

    The customer service though is not as pathetic as has been suggested. I called them on Christmas day and they were able to help in restoring the service.

    Zuku looks promising; but I agree that they should be treated harshly online so that they can vuta their socks

  • jane doe

    Rude and pathetic customer service and slow installation imagine 2 DAYS. KENYANS DO NOY GET THIS SERVICES.

  • Bush

    I was also lured by the soft spoken sales lady who called twice a day for two days, so I decided to switch to their -1 mbps connection. I paid a 32thousand cheque on a Wednesday and was promised that the installation would take 2days max, furthermore, I was told that the cheque won’t be banked until installation has been done and I had had two days of satisfactory connection.(that the cheque was to show commitment on my part) they dnt cme by Firday so I started calling their office n explained the situation, was tld someone would come next day. Sato, the guy came n all he did is go to the roof only to announce that their is no line of sight to their base station, the situation was trasnferred to the nxt week where ‘testing was done’ and concluded that ‘the engineers’ had to work out how they will set up ‘refletors’ so that our building could get coverage.
    then they dissapeared for two days, in the mean time, when we call the office, every time we get a different person and we have to explain the situation all over every single time. wen we ask to talk to administratin, there seems to be none. later, after we threatened to withdraw, they sent someone who came with his own attitude(set mind-to disqualify us) He went to the roof and after five minutes came back and said that he is going to write a report that the distance is too far (over 100 meters) He did this and we were notified. So all that could be done was to look for other means. There was only one problem, we needed our un-banked cheque back in order to secure other services. When we inquired about this, guess what? the cheque had indeed been banked even though to that date, we had not been connected even once!!!
    that was waaaay back in November and guess what, even after writing a letter to the MD and all, (AS OF 31ST JANUARY) we STILL HAVEN’T BEEN PAID BACK THE AMOUNT.


  • Random

    Not liking the comments I see here as I am seriously looking into getting Zuku. I hear access @ home is good. Any comments on that?
    Zuku customer service is ridiculous. The automated transfer system does not work. Dial 1 for retail and you end up at Simba net and the ladies do not know how to put you back on to Zuku. You dial as a corporate customer and hit the 3 for sales and you end up at Zuku but they need to put you through to sales. They should stick to a switchboard receptionist. Access@home. Any comments? Thanks.

  • Jonathan

    Ok have been on access@home and though its very pricey the customer care is on point i.e. I called at 2 am on a sunday morning and i got helped seriously they explain incase the problem is with them or with you plus they give you ample notice if you are to get disconnected. Had wanted to switch but after reading this no way will see about orange in about a year.

  • swaga-jaka

    who cares about customer care,as long as its cheap and the speeds are good sounds like a good deal to me.long live zuku.

  • muf

    i have been using for six months now…havent had problems so far though connecting to them took almost a month…i am on prosurf 256kbps at my office and coonected to three machines…not heavy users though…cant complain…

  • Martin Kilonzo

    ZUKU is fooling and cheating Kenyans by this half price thing they are offering. They know that in about 3 weeks Kenya will
    be connected to 2 undersea fiber optic cables, Seacom&Teams. This will reduce costs by upto 10 times. Currently ISPs in Kenya pay
    6000$ duplex for capacity because they use satellite but now they will be paying 600$ duplex for even better capacity. So by
    ZUKU charging 5000/= for the 1Mbps megasurf product is very expensive, I bet some ISPs will charge 2500/= for the same
    in 3 weeks time. They just want to hook Kenyans paying 5000/= for 6 months for a service which will be 2500/=, do not be
    fooled and rush to pay and sign stuff, wait, that is still too expensive. KDN manager Kai Wulff said in the May 15 Business Daily
    that their Butterfly wireless service will be free when they start using the undersea cables. Butterfly wifi was charging 2800/= monthly
    for unlimited use but it will now be free, it tells you how cheap stuff should be. Safaricom are also cheating and fooling people claiming they have an offer for their 3G
    service. It is not a limited offer, it is a forever price reduction. Even that 3G modem will be much cheaper than 4000/= very soon.
    There will be too much competition and cheap and free internet. So do not buy any service, modems and shit for now. Things are
    even going to get cheaper and free in 3 weeks time. Buy nothing for now.

  • Sly

    three weeks are over and nothing is free as yet! I think Martin’s dream was not timely. Go sleep and dream again.

  • Msonko

    Has anyone ever gotten the 256Kbps for ProSurf??

  • annonymos

    Zuku being in the service industry need to improve their service. I paid for the connection and was given a timeline for connection and when I called a rude useless indian lady called Poonam replied by saying I should write a letter if I want my money back I should write them a letter. Honestly we are not beggars and there are lots of companies waiting to give Kenyans service.
    I hope this message gets to their directors and they should take some action if they would like to improve their service and keep clients. or get ready to face what gtv and other service providers have faced.

  • do you wish to join the safaricom broadband? its reliableand it has 24/7 monitoring and its dedicated(if you apply to get 512kb/s)thats what you will get.trust me its working.

    you can just contact me on

  • tom kinuthia

    i have not had any problems with Zuku’s prosurf. i actually do get the 256Kpbs and their customer service has improved greatly. still waiting if they will reduce the price. anyone know if its possible?

  • cleophas

    i paid for 256kpbs but instead got 100kpbs, connection was done two weeks later after i threatened to cancel contract.customercare is totaly lousy and they disconnect call when called to complain. their saturday is a meeting day whereby sales stuff switch off their phones or are rude. Am switching to orange next month.

  • Omondi

    Am currently on 256Kbps prosurf and I must say that its really improved. I had disconnected earlier but reconnected after my friends who are using the link assured me that it has really improved.

    The speeds are also quite satisfactory.

  • I am totally confused from the blogs am reading by Kenyans. Are we reviewing together with the marketers on the same blogs? Some information being given is very misleading especially on this blog and i tend to think that some writers are part of some organizations out there to spoil for other. (no names mentioned) Any way, zuku guyz came over to my place to check if there is a signal. so i joined them on the roof top adn watched them all through. i even tested browsing on their linux installed laptop and i was quite impressed. All this is being done and i have not made payments yet but once i do, they come and install the new equipment with the new configuration they came up with. So now , can we get some one who has honestly used this service telling us about the service!! because i can tell we are being mislead by marketers here. Please some one respond, i have a few days till i do installation and i do not want regrets.

  • chris

    anyone know how zuku service is of late? esp. after their new packages? please reply

  • kevin

    Any resent improvements? really wanna get a home connection, and the zuku deal is looking good. Is the 1mbps the real deal or not?

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  • mimi

    waaahh…there are true haterz out there.Every company has its issues but Zuku ain’t that bad,av been with them for the last one year on prosurf 256kbps and i aint complaining their speed is so far so good

  • mkenya mgwan

    though zuku is generally very fast, customer service is hellish. it took them two weeks after i paid to finally conclude that there was no signal at my place and now they tell me that i have to wait another month before they can process my refund. if that was how they treat clients even before connection, i can only imagine how bad their support is. access@home is reliable but very pricey but their service is tops. support 24/7 and prompt response to tickets. wanted to try kdn but it’s like they don’t want new clients,(http://www.wazua.co.ke/forum.aspx?g=posts&m=72816) i’ve been chasing a connection all week and i’m thinking i might have to resort to orange.

  • Farooq

    Zuku is one of the most useless internet service providers i have ever used in my entire life. I am a customer who is supposed to receive at least 800Kbps out of 1024Kbps but what i receive is 90-100 Kbps despite repeated complaints they have decided to decrease my speeds in order to frustrate me even further so that i stop calling. I am definitely migrating to another ISP even if i have to pay more but at least i will not be agonised by the ZUKUs. First of all they never pick up their mobile phone lines they always want you to call through their landline i dont know if they are earning money by compelling clients to call their landlines or not. Secondly there is no customer service in that company and thirdly their service is worse than a dial-up connection. I would strongly suggest to anyone NOT TO SUBSCRIBE to a ZUKU A.K.A. Wananchi Group (K) Ltd service because you will regret it.

  • AO

    Zuku are terrible. An embarasment to Kenya. First they kept me waiting at home for a week to install and never even pitched up. Then they said they could not do it and would give me a refund. That was well over a month ago. Every week I call and they tell me there will be a refund ready but it is never there. Frankly I think they are thieves. Don’t blame their customer service staff – it is the managers – they refuse to talk to customers and do nothing to keep their staff informed as to the truth. Zuku’s management should be fired and the company shut down!

    My experience is exactly the same as Farooq’s

  • vic

    Pricing and the ads look great – but customer care is cr*p! We visited – lets call them KUKU offices – on Mombasa road on 9th October – and after a wait of 2 hours, confirmed and paid for a 4MBPS fibre cable connection in Kilimani. We were informed it would take 4-5 days to connect and a max of 10 days. Sawa. As of today its been 19 days and still no connection. Our business is really hurting as we are a small start-up office and this has meant we had to get dongles and delay cabling as we await KUKU to get their act together. Funnily enough, our offices are along Kindaruma road and fibre is 50m max from our door, and we are less than 300m from KUKU tech offices. I have visited KUKU offices at least 4 times in this period – to no avail. Apparently, they’ve run out of cable? Not funny. Of course I’m livid. I’ve re-read their service contract, and never signed up to be part of their logistics. That’s just not right. When I spoke with CC, I was informed they did not know when cables would come in, and if I wanted a refund, I would have to wait for 3 weeks! Surely, that must be against some of the new laws we have, and most surprising for a private firm with such a bunch of talented, young techies at the cutting edge. If that is not private sector impunity and poor service, I don’t know what is. KUKU you really do need to style up. In all this, all the managers have ‘ducked’ leaving their subordinates to face my wrath… defn. not cool. No, I recommend them, NOT!

  • Michael Kimani

    Hey guys.
    Recently got a zuku 8mbps connection and its been working fine for me. They installed it 2 days after i paid. Tested the bandwidth on speedtest.net and i get between 5 and 7.something mbps depending on the time of day. The tv is not bad either. I really cant complain

  • Bobby

    All out there,

    Zuku is simply a firm that needs to shut its doors. A friend of mine recommended my taking them up and using his account. So, we simply needed to reactivate the account. It took over 5 hrs for them to acknowledge receipt of payment. When I was finally connected, their DNS servers were all messed up and I have just left my Hurlingham office at 8pm having wasted the entire day and lost business. Their sales girl Tereza was at my office and gave me customer service numbers which she assured me are 24/7….alas, shame on me for fooling me twice. No customer service is in existence after 5pm!!! You are stuck. Now, I have paid my money for service which I am certain they will start charging from today for s’thing I have yet to enjoy.

    My take. I use Safaricom Wimax in the house and have done so for almost a year now. They are not perfect but they have really upped their game over the last 5 months. I love Safaricom and will certainly have them service my business. Their speeds are excellent when you go for their slightly more pricey packages from 7k a month, but I assure you I was doing thriving with their speeds with minimal issues. Of late, they even send out emails in advance and apologies for any interruption in service. Kudos Safaricom…..you are getting there!!!

    Zuku, zuku away because even on my first day you have wasted it and lost me good money.

  • mohammeda

    Hi guys,
    I recently got the 4mbps package from zuku, and its totally not what they say it is. After the first week, the speeds were lower than 1mbps. I have been calling the customer service centre, and all i get is the same rehearsed message. “We are going to reset your connection remotely so please be patient and monitor it for half an hour and we’ll call you to see how the service is.” No one ever calls and the service seems to be getting worse, and I’m on the fibre network so my speeds should be guaranteed. So I see guys here are recommending orange broadband, and safcom wimax. So beware guys.

  • Dan

    Zuku what a mess.I initially got the 1MBPS package form Zuku.However I noticed that the DL speeds where quite slow.Using Speedtest.net Broadband test,the DL where an average of 0.216Mbps.So I thought,since the link is shared,that could explain the low DL speed,as with shared links a discrepancy between the advertised bandwidth and effective bandwidth is to be expected.I therefore confidently made my way to their offices to upgrade my package to 4MBPS.I was informed after making payments that the Cable Modem I had been assigned would be replaced with a Wireless router in 5 days.Lo and behold,it took one month.

    So I get the Wireless router and all my problems are gone, right!Wrong,it seems Zuku operates from one crisis to another.The link is never up for more that three hours.When I call their helpdesk and by some miracle I get through in less than three attempts,the same story,power problems,issues with firmware and the icing on the cake ,”We are going to reset your connection remotely, yah dah yah dah yah dah.”Obviously anyone in I.T. will tell you systems go down,but everday.I just hope they get their act together and stop these “the dog ate my homework” excuses.I pay monthly,so simple arithmetic,if by end of this month,June 2011,they have not improved,they have lost a customer and I will be obliged to tell everyone with an ear to listen,to avoid them like the plague.
    P/S I am yet to see a happy customer over a prolonged period of time on ZuKu,most people notice drastic deterioration of service from Zuku over time.Zuku,is this strategy sustainable,can you seriously build a business model on this kind of service,over to you.

  • Dan

    After numerous calls to the Zuku Customer Care,I finally got connected to one of their techies.I must say they where really helpful.The link seems to have now stabilized.I think I will give them one more chance by paying for the link for one additional month.I hope this improvement is permanent.Granted,links do go down,but the end-game to ensure minimal downtimes.

    A suggestion to Zuku Customer Care.While I am not certain how your Call-Center works,I would suggest that you log calls from Customers,this way repeated complaints can be picked up and addressed.It is damn frustating to call you with a problem and have to explain it from start to finish every time one calls because of lack of follow up.In my humble opinion,you should diligently record a history of complaints from a customer so that whoever is reached,they have with them the record of calls/complaints made by the customer.If the first line support is unable to resolve an issue within a pre-determined threshold period,say three attempts,the issue should be escalated to the techies and have the customer deal with the techies.

  • Dan

    To be fair to Zuku,once their Technical team sorted out the electrical interference issue on their fibre optic,the link has been consistently up since then.I am definitely sticking to them for now.

    I hope that Zuku peruse the internet and see some of the challenges some of their clients are experiencing.The internet is not written in ink,once negative comments are out there,they stay out there.The same for positive comments too;and so to your credit,Zuku thanks to your technical team for sorting out my issue in a timely manner.

  • onyi

    hi guys, thanks! i had ordered 4 the zuku service but now that i am nolonger blind i’ll steak to my sweet orange

  • Mo.

    Guyz what do you think about the ZUKU now?

  • Gumba

    what Zuku they will tell you that u r gonna get full internet speed but u only get top speed of 49 kb/s. the funny thing when you go to speedtest.net the speed will go up to 450 kb/s. totally Zuku is kind of funny internet service provider of all time. in my point of view. believe me i have emsisoft internet security and my firewall tells me inbound and outbound data. i don’t advice anybody who loves watchin movies online to have zuku.

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  • P

    Been with Zuku for 2 years now. Initially it was really good. However since dec 2011 the service has gradually got worse. I the service i get now which is reminiscent of Dial up internet service we got in the 90’s.

    Paying for the 4mbps service and from online speed tests i am only getting 1 mbps. After complaining about this for about 3 months i recieved a phone call from Zuku informing me that the connection is shared and that i should not expect to get 4mbps and that 1/8 (one eighth) of that speed is acceptable level in Internet for them to provide.

    That means if you pay for the 4mbps service, they are only obliged to give you 512kbps. The Grandest scale of new age cons.

  • Lets hope for the best

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  • andrew shamba

    it is almost three times i efffect but but connection it takes too long even now im posting to be connected with zuku poa this sms still im wainting

  • Kennedy Gathee

    Zuku triple play service is a ripoff.
    This is my second month of connection.The first month was perfect for TV and internet was recording speedtests of over 7Mbps consistently,but the phone service has been intermittent.
    Second month the internet failed.Numerous calls over the period of two weeks resulted with pompous technical reps telling me it was due to “Fair usage Limits”.
    Internet speed is still dismal with speedtests of 0.69Mbps on speedtest.net.Amazingly enough their “recommended” speedtest at speedtest.zuku.co.ke gives a speed of 7Mbps all the time.
    Reading the fine print tells you that their speed is ONLY guaranteed on content stored in Zuku servers.Nobody explains what particular content this is supposed to be.
    TV channels are always freezing and stuttering as soon as I set the output resolution of the decoder to 1080i to match my TV.
    Their customer service keep calling to do this or that survey about their customer support but the service is still dismal.
    I would not advice anyone to take Zuku.This is a company whose mindset is still in the 90s where internet was only for checking yahoo mail.

  • Zukd Out

    Forget Zuku/Simbanet TOTALLY!!

    We have their fiber on Ngong Road; never have I seen a more pathetic internet connection and here’s why;

    1. Unbelievable latency ranging from 75ms to 500+ms!
    2. Downtime in the region of 25% of the time
    3. Archaic and annoying protocol for reconnecting a failed connection. They tell you they will refresh on their end and you will then have to re-boot your router. So its midnight and I am working (or should be)remotely. How am I supposed to go re-boot the router?
    4. Maybe this is not a Zuku/Simbanet only issue, but – impossible to get a consistent and reliable response. Every we have a service issue you get a different customer rep and have to repeat the story afresh all over again. This is extremely frustrating.

    I do not know whether the other ISPs are any better but if you can keep CLEAR of ZUKU/WANANCHI especially if you intend to use your connection for business.


    I think the staff there are relatives and thus why they are so rude to ppl, they don’t have customer care skills to run a business.
    Hey zuku, don’t employ relatives but go out and look for competent ppl to employ.