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Kenya govt/parastatal office = twilight zone

You have to read this post.

I’m sure many of us can relate.

6 comments to Kenya govt/parastatal office = twilight zone

  • Irene

    Sad truth. It’s funny when you replay that scene…not so funny when you’re the one going through it though!

  • acolyte

    Oh yes, you have sooooooooooo reminded me of back home. I recall my sisters understating the values of things, packing more than one cd per case and such to deal with those insane import taxes and fees at the Post Office!

  • Njeri

    I thought the post was hilarious, yet so on point. Having just returned to Nairobi after 13 years and having to deal with similar situations in Goverment offices. I have had to develop a sense of humor about everything to prevent myself from going postal.

  • bankelele

    funny, sad, and true. the most vexing part is the KRA (tax) part which even the post office people don’t understand – but they still have to follow procedure.

    So rip out any price tags before, and put as low a value, before you ship anything to Nairo by post

  • Daudelrude

    Twilight zone part 2
    Justme has a post on going to the police to get and abstract for a lost ID.


    Welcome to the twilight zone: Police Edition

    Daud El Rude (vision 2030?! I don’t think so…not with this attitude)

  • Vince

    This can be really painful. I have gone through this nightmare and wouldn’t want to endure it again. Why are things crazy like this?. I think the number 1 reason is that people who work in the government in Kenya (read: Post Office) have no incentives and therefore no motivation.

    They wake up in the morning, go to work and don’t expect anything in return. They tend lose faith in themselves and the system around them. In brief they don’t have anything to look up to and have totally given up…