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On Why Amnesty for Grand Corruption is a Bad Idea…

Mars Group is (as always) on top of things.

And is it just me, or is John Githongo’s operation rather lame?

AOB: One of the best summaries of Obama’s speech that I’ve read from the pundits (for real some of the talking heads on TV deserve to be slapped).

10 comments to On Why Amnesty for Grand Corruption is a Bad Idea…

  • Jaml

    Your idea of taking interest in the individual is quite inspiring.
    It was great to see you “in person”.

  • I am recommending your Blog as part of Blog Day 2008. Thank you.

  • Githongo’s return to Kenya and then to UK was never meant to result in anything.
    This is the shizzle these politicians always engage our gullible minds in. The TV stations busted their fat asses unleashing analyses and bios of John Githongo as if he is a Saint.
    We are now back to our costly and miserable lives as Kenyans – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ending corruption in Kenya is still a pipe dream.
    See http://www.peternjenga.com/articles/kenya-this-week/githongo-is-back.html

  • Slowly but surely, I am of the opinion that Githongo credentials as an anti-corruption ctivist were a bit over-hyped. To say the least amnesty, sets this bad precedent. I think that no mercy should be show to anyone who deliberately takes something that is not his.

  • my first time here! The summary on Obama’s speech was as good as the speech.

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