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Coverage of events in Georgia

For those following the events in Georgia (I’m paying close attention since my Tbilisi in June), the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting has some of the best coverage I’ve seen.

3 comments to Coverage of events in Georgia

  • Vince

    KP – I think the situation in Georgia has gotten out of control and Russia should leave by now. This is a stark reminder that Russia still practices authoritarian rule and will stop at nothing to crush any dissenters. The US seems to have been caught in a tight spot this time – it cannot do anything to protect Georgia from aggressive Russia apart from pursuing ceasefire efforts that are being ignored by Russia. I also think that the problem between Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhzia should not be resolved with tanks and unruly troops on the streets. It goes without saying that Russia has whooped Georgia’s ass in five days of fighting but I think the Kremlin should stick to their promise of withdrawal and getting out of Tbilisi, Gori and Tskhinvali. Russian thugs who have been involved in looting and even killing livestock should be stopped and brought to book. We have laws that govern conflicts. The same laws are being used in Iraq as we speak. Now Russia seems to be saying that Poland will be next on their list after they (Poland) supported and signed the Nuclear Missile Shield. All our eyes are watching Russia’s next steps..

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