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Grand Regency / Kimunya

A couple of KP readers have written to ask why I haven’t done a post on this issue…it’s simply because I have nothing to add beyond what everyone else is writing/opining. It’s a travesty, Kenyans are being ripped off, MPs are happy to get back at Kimunya, the sale financed PNU, Kimunya will likely be the fall guy, Wako will survive (again!) etc. etc. So until I can put my own spin on things, I’ll stay mum.

And, this is one of the rare occasions that I will agree with a Kumekucha post – the press could have broken this story a lot earlier.

Meanwhile, while everyone has their unmentionables in a twist over Grand Regency, a lot more stealing is happening quietly under the guise of the Budget.

4 comments to Grand Regency / Kimunya

  • excellent work – wondered if you would submit some writing (i’m happy to post reprinted stuff by you) to our website?

    i have rec;d some mail from Zimbabwean exiles and also from a girl in Zimbabwe – it would be wonderful to include your perspective in our new emag…

    please feel free to email me – editor@globalpundit.org

  • fedinand

    :eek:hey, who would have imgined!!!!bt whoever advised you did it right!! it was high tyme bt we know of those who have resigned,been cleared even though they were involved in coruption and were taken back to their posts.so we wont be surprised but the almighty God shall stand to be the judge between you and the poor Kenyan tax payerss. pray alot brother and God will forgive because Hes the only judge here. no courts shall be fair on this because even the courts have their owners!!!its only God and God alone.

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