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Quick Hits June 30

– Now this is competitive advantage :-)

– How to make a killer slide presentation.

– Is Google making you stupid?

_ Ushahidi featured in MIT’s Technology Review as one of Top 10 Start-ups to watch.

5 comments to Quick Hits June 30

  • Jess

    Aiii!!! Ory you are asleep o nthe job. The Grand Regency saga is the hottest thing right now and you are nowhere to be heard. I do visit the Daily Nation and Standard websites but it would be nice to hear more from you.

  • MAN

    You are my heroine, especially during the post-election scenario inKenya. Question: Why no comment on the on-going Grand Regency saga?

  • MAN

    Sorry, didn’t realize someone else (Jesse) had proded you on the same.

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  • […] GIS service for tracking incidents of unrest in violence in Kenya, Ushahidi, has been featured in MIT’s Technology Review as on of the Top […]