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Election results update 12:30 pm Dec 28

Folks this is a historic election by Kenyan standards, regional standards and international standards – I don’t think there is a precedent for the number of incumbents that are going down despite having massive resources behind them and attempts to bribe voters. And I challenge you to find an election in the Western world in recent times where people have come out with such determination, conviction, and a strong sense of civic duty .

I’m very very proud of Kenyan voters and you all should be no matter who you are supporting.

The media has focused on the presidential race and on the tribal nature of the campaign, but the story of the revolution (as I keep repeating, but really it’s worth emphasizing) is at the local level – Kenyans have realized the power of the vote and will no longer be taken for a ride. I think this election will be a watermark as far the maturity of voters and the impact it will have on the next Parliament (now we need to get rid of pensions for one-term MPs), Kenyans want results and CHANGE and not empty talk, and if ODM wins they will have an incredibly difficult time at managing expectations.

I’m so excited (plus I’m loving the fact that the comments left on Mzalendo over the past year are reflecting in the results…we’re on to something)!

On to the latest results:

– Kajiado North – counting suspended due to electoral misconducted, some ballot boxes not sealed properly and others found empty. Sakuda was losing last night, but Saitoti suddenly started picking up this am.

– Garsen – counting also suspended due to chaos after a helicopter landed at the counting station with 12 unaccompanied ballot boxes. The crowd destroyed the 12 boxes and started going after the boxes that had already been counted, they had to be dispersed with tear gas.

– Kibwezi – Kalembe out

– Budalangi – Ababu Namambwa in

– All Moi sons out. Raymond lost to Luka Kigen.

– Mt Elgon – Kapondi out

– Kulundu out

– Kabete – Muite out, Nguyai in

– Nyakach – Pollins Onyango in

– North Imenti – Mwiraria out

– Sotik – Lorna Labasi in (women doing well in Rift Valley)

– Kipiriri – Kimunya in

– Ntimama in

– Cherangany – Kirwa out

– Belgut – Charles Ketel in

Wah! The people have spoken.

17 comments to Election results update 12:30 pm Dec 28

  • Atsulu

    indeed Kenyans have spoken,i really expected this and i know more is yet to come.

  • Atsulu

    Moi’s family must be mourning this moment pointing fingers on their dad for huge support for Kibaki that was a baby wave to counter ODM wave.

  • Ivory

    this is very exciting……wow, Kenyans want leaders who can deliver. Thanks again for the updates. Can’t wait for the BIG SEAT results though I have a feeling which way it going.

  • Nyatty, Timor-leste

    Why r u giving ’em like dosage!!
    Did u say sakuda winning or lost?

  • Atsulu

    This is time that i can truly say that i’m proud to be Kenyan.Kenyans eyes are now wide opened and this is self explanatory from this results.Thanks for update though i would like to know more about Sakuda

  • farmgal

    does it mean that with kirwa out our fellow blogger mr maasai is winning?

  • Going by your updates, one is reminded of September 11. It is quite like a movie (seeingBIG names fall like a house of cards). Nyachae, Mois, Biwott, Uncle, plus … who next:roll:! One would think you are biased towards ODM, but that is the voice of the people and of GOD.

  • hello,
    Hmmm, some of your results are different than the ones we have. Will be emailing our people to have them confirm their sources.

    On my part, I do not yet know exactly what it is the people are saying with their votes. For example,
    Ephraim Maina
    Sammy Mwaita
    William Ole Ntimama
    Otieno Kajwang
    John Michuki
    Zakayo Cheruiyot

    Joe Khamisi out? Mutahi Kagwe out? Raphael Tuju? Are these not among the best performers in delivering to the people?

    I guess it is a good day if you are biased, a sad one if you believe in the higher things. Sorry to mess the party mood!! :sad:

  • sorry, our updates are here, please compare


  • Ory, I really don’t know where we would be without your updates. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work. Like you said, I hope elected candidates are watching what the people are saying.

  • Eliam Kamanga

    This is true reflection of man having no fear any more. People have realised that a vote is a powerful instrument with which one can have a bigger say in the destiny a country ought to follow. Time has come for people to vote for those who matter. This is being reflected in Kenya where a number of prominent ministers have fallen despite huge expenditure on campaigns. new blood is what africa needs. old gurds have nothing to offer as they have proved so over the years.

    Kenya Oyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Excellent reporting from the field Ory. Thanks for keeping us all updated on the results.

  • Paula

    Can anyone tell me the results for North Imenti, Dr. Karambu Ringera? Thank you

  • En cambio hemos recibido actualización de junio unos días en julio, y ahora la actualización de julio no será aquí hasta que en algún momento en agosto. Esto podría significar la liberación real podría ser empujada hacia atrás un poco así, pero no podemos estar seguros. Cinco cosas que aquí está lo que necesitas saber.

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