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Election results update (1) 10:45 pm Kenya Time

First to address some of the questions asked in the comments:
– The missing names situation in Kibera was a result of a split register. This means that voters were reallocated to different areas within the polling station depending on their last name – this is done in areas where there is a high number of voters to prevent overcrowding in one classroom / voting both – so e.g. in Kibera where there are lots of As, Os etc guys with names starting with O are split and some people moved to where the people with the last name B are voting…hope this makes sense, kind of hard to explain in writing. So guys were going by the last names and when they get to the voting booth/classrom there names are not on that particular list but in the list where e.g. the B guys are. Problem is that no one bothered to explain this to guys beforehand and by the time they were trying to explain guys thought it was a plot to rig and rejected the plan to make voting more efficient. Voting was suspended until the original (non-split) list was obtain from Anniversary towers.

– Haven’t heard anything about Asians fleeing the country.

– The appointment of judges was definitely a case of stacking, but with all the attention focused on the election is barely registered with guys – the unfortunate result of an uber-strong President.

Provisional results from Nation TV – Note only 1% of the vote has been counted.

Kibaki leading with 51.% while Raila has 45.3% (KTN reporting a Raila lead – 53,911 vs 41,266)

Breakdown by Province
1. Western – 74% Raila, 25% Kibaki
2. Nairobi – no results in yet
3. North Eastern – no results yet
4. Nyanza – 99% Raila
5. Eastern – 63% Kibaki, 35% Kalonzo, 3% Raila
6. Central – 98% Kibaki, 2% Raila
7. Rift Valley – 65% Raila, 34% Kibaki
8. Coast – 56% Raila, 39% Kibaki

Some interesting MP results:
– Biwott and Moody Awori trailing.

AOB: You can watch updated results from this website.

18 comments to Election results update (1) 10:45 pm Kenya Time

  • anon


    words are not enough to express my deep gratitude for your timely updates of what is going on on the ground plus the link.
    you are truly a gem:razz:


  • joe

    Thanks for confirming what i have been telling my buddies. I guess with the stakes so high and ECK not explaining ASAP, it sure looked like rigging…

  • Mimi

    Thanks Ory for the updates!!

  • Kenyans outside are awake with you and thanks for the update. Remember, tell them to exercise maturity which they have shown to the world in receiving the results just as they voted. God bless our dear country.

  • Mtu

    manze thanks for the updates…keep up the gud work…cant wait to see the last results….am scared…kidogo tu

  • Brian

    Wao what is latest ?

  • Nomad

    Raila ahead

  • Nomad

    Raila Omolo leading the way no more Lucy mess

  • Watu

    People should stop mere fabrcations, if there is rigging results would be unfolding in a different manner. It doesn’t take to be a brain surgeon to note the transparency level in the elections.

  • kevin

    :razz:good job ory,some of us in china need your updates very much

  • moderate Kenyan

    Story of Asians fleeing is a mis-interpretation of the BBC swahili radio broadcast that interviewed Tanzanian minister for immigration, who stated that crossings at Kenyan/Tz border showed a disproportionately higher number of asians. He however noted that overall numbers of people crossing is the same as average. He also noted that the trend is consistent with what always happens during elections. A lot of Asians stayed and voted in Nairobi (mostly westlands) and in Mombasa. Just to inform you…majority of Kenyans of Asian desent are hindu and muslim. Let us be inclusive and build a united country.

  • kevin wilson odhiambo

    am looking at the election results that you posted on the site and loving it.In china there is very little mention of what is going on back home and big upto you ory for what you doing for us here.keep up.

  • Stan Njuguna

    I live in Seattle washington and I have been checking the election updates . I feel democracy has taken root in Kenya and a blessing to see people vote their leaders. The blog had been quite informative.

  • karume kinyua

    election fever is at its highest at this hour due to some radio stations spreading propaganda. don’t this guys know that its stuff like that which cause chaos. regardless of who wins, this is our country and everybody has a right to rule.

  • jemal mohammed

    it is realy very devatwhile kenya we expect example for other African country, kenya by it self doing un expected manner on this election

  • willie manchester

    Hi Ory you are the man! being democratic to fellow kenyans, such a gentle calm and keeping us updated. You may not know how much this helping people who are away from home(KENYAN) Kenya been a peaceful country since independent so this should not bring the differences, lets be calm and accept the result coz WE ARE ALL KENYANS which am very proud of. Thank so muc Ory, be strong that way and keep on keeping us live. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  • No Matter the results kenya has lost a number of years in its growth. as the looting seen in kisumu, kibera would have still gone on for sometime. it time kenyans looked at them selves for solution instead of politician who are now enjoying peace in their huge manson as poor burn their shant homes its a sad situation.

  • […] found. But everything was sorted out and people stayed calm. A good explanation of the problem is here on this blog; she’s also posting regular results updates. Also, two very good posts detailing the process […]