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Quick Hits

Lots of goodies today:

– Mama Mikes keep up the innovation by launching their blog. Already lots of interesting stories about what it takes to make MamaMikes tick.

– Speaking of Mama Mikes, you HAVE to read this post by Mental.

– Hash’s neat Africa Web 2.0 collage has been updated.

– Safaricom partner with Google to offer access to email and Google Maps (though free is not really free).

– Nobel Prize Winner and Grameen founder Iqbal Qadir partners with Legatum to set up a Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT.

StoryMoja – an initiative by 5 writers to promote contemporary writing in East Africa.

5 comments to Quick Hits

  • tom

    Latest Emerging Details

    A Disturbing new story has emerged from the Kibaki’s birthplace in Nyeri,Kenya. Its a story never told before about the reason for the death of Kibaki’s father. Mzee Karauri,speaking to a news reporter in Nairobi in November said that one day in the 1980’s,Kibaki had hatched a plot to kill the then president Daniel Moi. A bomb had been placed in a chartered Kenya Airways plane that was to carry the president to a meeting in Ethiopia. Kibaki was responsible. Moi,who had an airtight intelligence network got hind of this plot. The former president was known to hit back hard when betrayed. He announced at the last minute that Kibaki represent him in Ethiopia. Kibaki was terrified. He badly needed a reason not to travel to Ethiopia,and it better be a good one. At about the same time,his father was ailing at a village in Nyeri. Kibaki is reported to have began a well executed plot that ended up with his father being killed. He then called Moi to inform him of his “loss”.

    Cosequently, Kibaki escaped by sacrificing his father. The bomb was defused, but from then on, Kibaki knew that he owed Moi his life and that he would do Moi’s bidding. That’s why Kibaki willingly split Kikuyu votes in 92 at Moi’s bidding, this was supposed to be the payback for the attempt on Moi.

  • Tony

    Just received a newsletter from Books First. Apparently you can now buy books from Books First online on their ecommerce website http://www.booksfirst.co.ke from anywhere in Kenya and they will deliver. Actually the books are cheaper than in the stores which are mostly in nairobi anyway. I found “Dreams From My Father” “unbowed” and lots of management books on the website with payment methods being mpesa, cash, bank deposit and cheques even. Maybe soon they may consider accepting credit cards too.

    Definitely worth checking out for booklovers.

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