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I watch Big Brother Africa.

I know.

I got sucked in.

Ati first just to see what the fuss is about, and then as “background” when I’m working at home, and then so I could contribute meaningfully to office storos. But I knew things were thick, when I timed the eviction show this past Sunday.

So now, without disclaimers. I watch Big Brother Africa.

8 comments to Confession…

  • Mr.Kay

    Well, I check it out too. But only the online clips and not 24/7. I have really wondered what the whole thing is about apart from watching people shower, kiss, whisper and grind on each other. It’s really quite pointless. The first one was much better anyway, and who in the world chose the Kenyan representative, he was the 2nd one to get kicked out!

    I became a sucker for mindless entertainment in law school, something about getting away from being intellectual most of the time.

  • KM

    ***Gaaaaspppppp**** 😯
    **grits teeth, taps you on the back** You are breaking my heart (Think De Niro).

    Me, I do not watch it, I have refused to, but sigh, only once, yes once, when at the tea room everyone was going sijui Lerato, Max…surely, I only needed to put faces to the names..but me, to say the truth and shame the devil, I DO NOT WATCH IT! Do you know how much I struggled to come out of the closet with my “desperate housewives” addiction?

    People only attach coolness to 24/Prison Break/SP/ Family Guy…all which I watch, damn I’m a junkie!!! etc, but we that shamelessly love DH are shuned by society. To add BBA2 to that list would take me out!

    So yeah, whatever stigma comes with watching BBA, for sure, I will not be associated with it when the ‘coolness feds’ come knocking.

  • sunrise3

    gasp, shock, horror- u watch wat? (since i am currently wanted by the fashion police for crimes against cool, i cant say too much lest i reveal my maskan) i personally think judge others too harshly for small misdemeanors like watching trashy tv, reading the tabloids and trashy romance novels and listening to maina kageni on breakfast radio (ok the last one is truly unforgiveable and people should be jailed for life without parole for it, but anywhoos…). Everyone is allowed to let their hair down for a while and do something totally un PC since variety is the spice of life- how will you know what to warn Gaby against, if you dont know exactly what it entails? hm?

  • R

    I do not watch Big Brother Africa but, I totally get the mindless entertainment thing. I have a list of programmes stashed in my closet and I shall not be mocked. Dare anyone mock me.

  • Ms K

    Ha ha you and me both. Altho now not so much because the vllainous Lerato was my favourite. And most of those left have the personalities of… kitchen appliances!! ARGH!!

    I so agree, the first BBA was much better.

    Me by the way, I don’t apologise for my trivial pursuits. I don’t make fun of people who stamp collect, why should they make fun of me cos I watch Girls of the Play boy Mansion??

    Trus story BTW.

    What? WHAT? Mta-do?

  • nancy

    Am a sucker for BBA! there a clean confession!

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