Edible toesies

Edible toesies

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They really are edible.

Thanks everyone who left a comment/emailed on the transitions to solids. Cereal is still a challenge – so far cerelac, 4C porridge, and oatmeal have been rejected. We’ve come full circle and are back to rice cereal with some fruit in it. So far so good. Carrots can be sneaked in with loads of sweet potato. Key word is sneak. I once got confident about my “masking” abilities and took it too far, Gabi figured it out and proceeded to shut her mouth firmly (she also hits the bowl and spoon when she’s not interested and hums with every spoonful when she loves what she’s eating). Other interesting things – she likes water over juice – I’ll ride that while it lasts, can’t get enough papaya, and will not eat anything with even the hint of lumps…hopefully that changes once the teeth show up. Sitting properly now, still hates “tummy time” so I’m wondering if she’ll ever crawl. Stretches her arms when she wants to be picked up…learned that yesterday. Trying to laugh out loud (she currently giggles/howls), but ends up doing this fake cough thing instead…it’s the funniest thing.

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  • anonymous

    You make having a baby look so glamorous to those of us that are yet to get to that. Sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing the journey and for sharing Gabby with us.

    You’re welcome, I keep going back and forth about whether she’ll hate me one day for blogging her life :-) It’s not always glamorous, they’ve been many days of sleepless nights and frustration but it’s all so worth it.

  • Sijui

    Munch, munch!!! Pole about the 4C but it appears you’re on the right track with fortifying rice cereal with other goodies :) I too had issues with carrots, I had to mask it with apple sauce and even then I received a disapproving stare. Forget about peas and carrots, that was a no go area…….

    Don’t worry about tummy time, as my pediatrician scolded me, every one works on their own schedule…..I thought she would never crawl and was worried when the 6-7 month benchmark passed without noticeable improvement, then one day it happened and by 10 months she was walking.

    OK, I’ll be patient…I think it’s a first mum thing…I just realized it’s been a month since I referred to a baby book, big improvement from those first days when books got dog-eared and Google exacerbated the paranoia and cluelessness.

  • KM

    Sasa you?
    Considering I prowl for babies to munch…….Yummm!

    What is tummy time? :???: Yaani some of us are struggling to keep up with this lingo. Creal, fortifying….everybody wait while I look that up!!!
    And here I was thinking baby can stay without need for solid food for at least 6 months? I sell that theory…..tell me, is it realistic?

    yaaani, aiii, me now when will i ever have mine?

    This pic was especially for you KM :-) Tummy time basically means getting them to spend some time on their stomachs. Because of the fear of SIDS you basically get scared in to making sure your baby doesn’t sleep on their stomach, then by the time the risk of SIDS drops (around six months) and you can put them on their tummy, some kids have developed a strong aversion to lying on their stomach and sometimes this extends to a distaste for crawling. The new guidelines recommend to wait 6 months for solids, but Gabi has always been a hungry baby and I got her on solids at 4 months…no way we could have lasted 6 months.

    Ditto @ anon…you give the full glamour to motherhood. Its soooo what can I call it? “cool!”

    Purely accidental. Waking up three times at night is not cute :-)

    @ water…wow! Lets hope she will pull off the 8 glasses of water RDA when she’s a lady cos, maaan, her skin will glow!!

    Hope so too, she must get it from papa because I can’t stand the “taste” of water.

    I hope you are keeping well KP

  • sunrisethree

    I wont even pretend to comment on feeding as i am only officially the worlds greatest babysitter but i find that if you place her toys (or generally stuff that you dont want her to have- if she is anything like my niece) just out of reach within sight and ignore her she will wiggle her way towards them and promptly put them in her mouth. Shortly she will be crawling around or scooting around on her bum faster than the speed of light.

    Thanks for the tip, have tried that…she lasts maybe 3 minutes then she gets annoyed both about being on her tummy and being unable to reach the toy.

  • Edible indeed aawwww. .Gabi and my Sunshine are toe-twins..those could easily be my daughter’s feet.wow
    I decided to do a whole grain oatmeal instead of rice cereal and she took to it immediately, although I’m still just adding to her bottle now. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing though..isn’t it amazing just watching them?
    It’s soo good to get a decent block of sleep hours, in the beginning I thought you and all the other moms in my life were just trying to be nice when you assured me the sleep-deprivation days would pass- Ta.
    Kisses to Gabi.

    Kisses to Sunshine! They change so much and so fast it’s crazy. Told you it gets better :-)

  • Aunty Mimi

    Ory- thanks for the toes now I can go crazy at the baby shoe dept!!!!

  • Aunty Mimi

    Ory- thanks for the toes now I can go crazy at the baby shoe dept!!!!:lol:

  • Glad to read about how well she is doing and progressing with the the solids.
    Cute little feetus!
    We are trying to get more confident with the solids. His pooping has gone all helter skelter since we went on solids and this has flamed my insecurities about feeding him. Sweet potatoes, avocado, potatoe, pumpkin are on his “I like” list. I quit the rice cereal cause it seemed to constipate him. Carrots are okayish. Oatmeal porridge seems good and the weirdest of all is prunes. He loves prunes and I am like:shock:

  • Jacque

    Hey Ory
    We schooled together in Cabbz class of 94. i too have a baby boy 6 and 1/2 mths now i struggled breasfeeding til 5.5 mths was hectic, expressing and all then i introduced food/solids.so far i give him pureed spinach mxd with carrots, pureed butternut mxd with spinach, pawpaw, mangoe and weetabix he loves his food and eats everything so far and i thank God. But i never seem to know how much quantity is enough. So far i do about 3-4table spoons. How do you measure your food? He weighs 10.3kg heavy for his age but he was big right from birth. I identify with alot of what you are writing and its all so interesting that we have now become moms. and oh yes they grow so fast and the toes i smile at the way they curl them up as they attempt to stand.about the waking up yeah i do too 2-4 times at night sometimes its crazy but you know what when he is asleep i want him to get up and have one more look of him but when he is awake at night and i am thinking of going to work the next morning i wish he would sleep so that i can get adequate rest its a paradox anyway i could go on and on. Wish you and your baby well. How old is she?

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