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Off to Arusha…

Can’t believe that TED Africa is already here! You can check out the exciting program here.

Me and the familia are off to Arusha. I’m about to join the legion of parents who get dirty looks when they enter the plane with an infant. Hoping that Gabi travels well…packing for this trip has been rather interesting, I keep feeling like I’ll leave that one thing that the baby needs and that we can’t find in Arusha.

Learning curve, learning curve….

3 comments to Off to Arusha…

  • The best time to travel is when your children are babies… and then when they are about two or three years old and onward. I travelled with my two children when they were just a few weeks old. Easy as pie. The problem comes when they are one year old and do not want to sit on your lap for take off and landing….

    If Gabi does well, make sure that you wallow in the praise. If she doesn’t, tell everyone she’s teething.

  • anonymous

    Gabby needs a baby laptop and you won’t find that in arusha :)…manze your kid has already started acculumating frequent flyer miles lol…lucky bastard. Safe travels and represent as usual.

  • Mimi

    Enjoy Arusha! Am sure Gabi did fine