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Mzalendo makes the BBC news!

Great piece on Mzalendo by Andrew Heavens who blogs who at Meskel Square.

The interview was done about a little over a week before baby KP was born…Mama was working hard until the end :-)

8 comments to Mzalendo makes the BBC news!

  • Sijui

    Beautiful baby!!!! I’m happy that BBC is trying to provide balanced news on Africa……..they’re making small diversions from their usual doom and gloom stories. Refreshing piece!

  • anonymous

    For some reason I am addicted to your baby more than you. How is Gabby comming along? When will she start blogging with mummy? You can tell from the way I am nosy that I am having baby envy…congrats on making BBC. Mzalendo has a lot of potential. You guys have overcome the biggest hurdle, which is getting started. Hopefully with time it will blossom into something that sends our MPS scampering for dear life.

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  • Hey Ory!! Congrats on achieving motherhood. In between your catnaps(unless baby sleeps all nite) you can catch me on my blog

  • Man, with all the craziness of life, I somehow missed this news. That’s wonderful! I’m glad you’re getting the attention you deserve.

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