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AIDS Awareness Poster in Botswana

AIDS Awareness Poster in Botswana Originally uploaded by ateka.

I took this picture in a customs office at a small border post between Botswana and Namibia

Some observations on George Bush Land

It’s been interesting to see that’s there’s very little I miss about the U.S.

The good

: – Worry-free high speed internet. I have reasonably fast access at home and work in Joburg, but it’s very expensive and you have to constantly worry about exceeding data caps.

– Retail and late shopping hours. Though […]

Swan song of sorts…

…for me in the United States.

Long time readers of KP know that my departure from the U.S. to Kenya (and now South Africa) was cushioned with a parachute in the form of an open offer from one of the best and most selective law firms in the U.S. I’m not sure I would […]

Quick Hits

I’m on the road so posting will be light until the end of next week…

– The KNCHR report on the referendum (which I worked on) is out, you can download it here.

– Interesting community wireless mesh model.

– Pioneering, microloans online – the Kiva story on PBS. (Hat tip Ethan!)