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Swan song of sorts…

…for me in the United States.

Long time readers of KP know that my departure from the U.S. to Kenya (and now South Africa) was cushioned with a parachute in the form of an open offer from one of the best and most selective law firms in the U.S. I’m not sure I would have made such an impulsive move (I literally woke up one day and said I’m off), if I didn’t have the option of the offer.

The one year offer expired around April this year, but I wasn’t quite ready to make the call one way or another…I was engaged in work that was/is very fulfilling form me and had the time to work on things I’m passionate about (like Mzalendo) and I was really feeling being back in Africa (my non-corporate law firm paycheck notwithstanding). Unbelievably, the firm gave me another year to keep doing what I was doing and has been very supportive of what I’m doing to the extent of offering pro bono services if I ever needed them.

Over the last few months though, it’s become pretty clear that Africa is where I need/want to be. I’m confident the money and expertise a stint at Covington would have given me will come soon enough. And you cannot put a price tag on doing what you love to do every day and making a difference. I worked hard to give myself options, and there’s no better feeling than exercising them. So on Monday I officially bid the firm goodbye.

Thank you Covington for allowing me to jump.

Here’s hoping I don’t land on my ass…

20 comments to Swan song of sorts…

  • I don’t know you, except through your work on the internets:smile:. I bet you will do very well. Inspiring move!

  • Princess

    That is amazing that you were offered a position at this amazing Firm right out of Law School..you rock!!! All that matters is the fact that you are gratified by your present job..I am sure you made the right decision.

  • Sarah

    Here comes the first female AG of Kenya, watch the space……….

  • Great for you…….i might need to keep intouch coz when we i join you there to change the stuff around (politicaly or so) u will tetea me….Good Luck, read lots of ya work and believe u will make it

  • You made a very brave choice, Ory. I’m confident that it was the right one, and I bet you’ll see the truth of it soon. Congratulations on the jump…

  • egm

    Good for you!

  • Wishing you nothing but success!

  • anonymous

    You should start scouting a parliamentary seat we need you hukoz..YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION – our prayers are with you.

  • I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said

    “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”

    Congratulations Ory on choosing to take up this opportunity.

  • bankelele

    Keep doing what you’re doing and am sure Covington & other offers will keep coming up.

  • That must really be hard a decision to make.

    It really takes heart to kiss the money(read corporate law non-life) and come back home. We need more of you’s

  • prou

    All the best with the decision you made, Ory.

  • Osas

    You are heroic, Ory. My hat’s off to you.


  • MX

    i have lost an enlightened drinking buddy, but the continent has gained a brilliant mind. good on you once again double o. hasta la victoria siempe!

  • acolyte

    All the best!

  • Your move to KE may have been cushioned, but clearly u are more needed (like most of us are) in Africa than in the west. How about you(you are bright and it should be a challenge worth your time) helping come up with ideas/solutions that manages to pull us from here to Africa or better still, help stem the tide of professional immigrants still leaving?.

  • Great decision Ory! I made the move back to Africa from the U.S. in 2003 and I have never looked back! It’s good to see that there are more brilliant minds deciding to come back and doing big things on the continent. Nuff respect and all the best! :smile:

  • wanjiku

    You have the parachute you need, your tip top mind. Money/status bila REAL challenge and satisfaction just doesn’t cut it. Cheers to you!

  • Rosita

    Thanks for sharing and demonstrating, like others have, that it is entirely possible and logical………it just takes dogged determination and some very careful and conscientious planning. KUDOS!