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TED Global Africa update

The TED Global Africa website is up. Good news is that scholarships will be for 100 participants who can demonstrate that they will be important to Africa’s future. Registration and application for scholarships will be open in September.

Stay tuned…this is sure to be an exciting event.

EDIT: If you had your druthers…who would you like to see on the speaker’s list? Leave a comment.

7 comments to TED Global Africa update

  • Thanks for the update

  • Shiroh

    Surely be looking at that

  • Whew, sure would be nice to get a scholarship to that conference – it’s not a cheap one. However, TED does usually have some of the best speakers and top minds. I’ve really got to get to a live one of these one day instead of just reading your blog and watching the videos.

    You asked who we think should speak? Here’s my list:
    – M, blogger from Thinker’s Room and a political activist who is DOING something.
    – Someone from a big technology company who does think/care about Africa. Maybe Google’s Sergey Brin?
    – Ethan Zuckerman seems an obvious choice.

    Of course, all mine have to do with technology – guess I can’t get out of that rut. :)

  • Frida

    Thanks for the update.its wonderful and look forward for it

  • Frida

    Thanks for the update.its wonderful and look forward for it

  • just want to say thanks for you update.

    just want to let other to know other african blog site with kenyans

  • thanks admin for posting and link back to our site.