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Asking why not instead of why…

About this time last year, Live 8 was dominating the Kenyan and African blogosphere. One theme that emerged from the discussion was that while ranting and raving and making ourselves be heard was all well and good, it (blogoactivism?) doesn’t do much to address the realities and challenges of the continent.

Over the last […]

My stable

Inspired by Bankelele.

I’m a buy and hold kinda person and unfortunately when I was buying these stocks I was a broke-ass chick who had just discovered this thing could the stock market (nothing much has changed, I’m still broke-ass) and I couldn’t invest as much as I wanted other than this small ka-stash I’d […]

Tackling women’s right to inherit property

One of the challenges of addressing women’s rights issues in places like Kenya is that the obstacles are largely cultural rather than legal, or rather the more practical solutions require engagement at a cultural level rather than via the courts/the law. I was very tangentially involved with this project, and I’m linking to it because […]

Madaraka Day / Kenya Bloggers Day

In honor of “celebrating the nation that unites us as bloggers” the KBW admin team has proposed that we dedicate Madaraka Day to “a post on any or all of the following suggested topics: Kenya, Being Kenyan, Being a Kenyan blogger, or Being a member of KBW. The post can be a piece of prose […]