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Go Ghana!

Recently read a quote that urges you to distrust people who use the word impossible or something along those lines. Do I believe that Ghana can komonga Brazil? Absolutely.

Meanwhile, Koranteng has a great post on Ghana vs. the US
and only 400 Ghanians will be in the stadium thanks to Schengen visa restrictions.

AOB: Christian Science Monitor discovers the khanga.

4 comments to Go Ghana!

  • Amwith gahan but i doublt if they can beat brazil:???: all iwant fromthem is a goal so as to be the first country to score against ghana

  • Funny piece abt that CM “discovery”:-)

  • egm

    Gish, you meant score against Brazil, right? Tension is in the air!

  • 😀 Ghana lost 3-0 but that was still a very spirited game! I loved the effort that they put and in some instances the brazilians had an anxious look! My man of the match was Kingson the goalie, WOW! He made it a respectable defeat for Ghana! That was a good show!