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Things to do

1) Get installed as an elder and immediately declare I’m running for President.

2) Make Michuki’s (s)hit list. Full ad can be seen here.

AOB: Given the latest TI-Kenya saga, can Gladwell Otieno come out of her fox-hole and do some whistle blowing, this business of having access to storos and then sitting on them is unacceptable.

11 comments to Things to do

  • By being a blogger you are already on Michuki’s hit list!When you become an elder and run for President let me know!

  • What i liked most from Michuki’s advert, after cooling down about the irony of the contents, was the fact that Michuki has a hint of the existence of a kenyan blog world.

    It must have taken the advert author a long while explaining to the old man what a blog is!

  • JKE

    Seriously, Kenya needs more women in power! I’d vote for you if I could.

  • I can arrange for some elders to install you:grin: but you have to sport some greyish follicles , game?

    You have my vote.

  • In all honesty people, I think we might be barking up the wrong tree here. It might do us some good to step back and re-assess a little. I think that the reference to “internet blogger forums” here is more about forums that it is about individual blogs. If you read some of the stuff on some online forums like mashada and rcbowen, it gives you a very clear picture of the hate mongering and absurdity that he is talking about.

    . . . but, like the saying goes, just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you . . .


  • Go Kenyan Pundit..go

  • Osas

    I once believed that Kenya would need (and benefit from) more women in power. But having seen now what evil they perpetrate, and that the level of bias and ignorance is even higher (hardly believe), I now stand before the ruins of my beliefs.


  • Osas

    I you earnestly believe that something should be done w.r.t. TI Kenya, the please contact me via mail.

    I wondered whether it would be worth to kick David Nussbaum’s ass in writing, and I am in the position to get an answer from him.


  • bankelele

    On TI Kenya: The East African has two stories on the saga today. While the ED committed a lapse of judgment (http://www.nationmedia.com/eastafrican/current/Opinion/Opinion0307066.htm), the board fired him on the basis of an incomplete i.e. non-existent KPMG report (in a bigger article, not posted online)

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