TED Day 3 – Session 1

Theme: Tales of Invention

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” – Winston Churchill

1) Speaker: Dr. Amy Smith (low-tech designer with MIT’s D-Lab).

- Another profile of her at World Changing .
- About 2 million kids die from respiratory diseases caused by indoor smoke from burning charcoal/wood when cooking.
- Works on alternative cooking fuels to reduce this problem. Produces environmentally-friendly charcoal from agricultural waste materials. Is also working to improve access to safe drinking water by low-cost water testing and treatment systems e.g. solar water disinfection (hey AfroM).
- Her presentation had me thinking about the local Jua Kali industry and how little we are doing to scale that up and harness that.
- Focus on enabling communities to create value for themselves (don’t try and design outside the community) and educating people not to stop being farmers but to stop being poor farmers.

2) Speaker: Joshua Prince-Ramus (Architecht)

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