TED Global: Africa!

Been in the works for the last few months and finally announced at TED.

When I was on the PopTech Africa panel last year, one of the things I brought up was a desire to see a Poptech-like event in Africa. Unbeknownst to me at the time, a couple of TED staffers who were in the audience had been thinking about the same thing…we ended up connecting and having conversations about the idea. TED is now going to make this a reality and I’m so thrilled.

The conference will be in Arusha, Tanzania from June 3-7 2007. The theme will be Africa: The Good News. TED will be providing 100 scholarships to make it possible for (young) African thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, creative souls, bloggers etc., from the continent and the diaspora. They also hope to get those extraordinary individuals in the continent with deep pockets (they do exist) and about several hundred members of the existing TED community to come together and both experience the possibilities of the continent and think of creative new ways to unleash Africa’s (immense) unfulfilled potential.

Stay tuned for details.

OK. I’m blogged out. Off to search for a glass of wine.

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