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Kenyan Pundit turns two!!

Actually this is a little belated. I’ve been been at this for a little over two years (some of my my earliest posts). Still can’t believe I’m going.

I’ll take this moment to send out a special request to my readers and Kenyan bloggers who are based in Nairobi . Are you interested in helping make our politicians more accountable on a volunteer basis? Have a little time on your hands to sift through copies of the Hansard? Got programming/web design skills? Drop me an email.

11 comments to Kenyan Pundit turns two!!

  • Happy Second aniv 😀

  • yah happy anniversary, hope you can get that hansard going. Working atleast 1 day a week by those MP’S a day does not cut it. Hope you have a good time in Brito. Make us proud


  • Njoro

    Oh, The Terrible Twos! Happy belated!
    Looks like ‘Baks and his ancient Muthaiga club buds and village neighbors are intent on giving you plenty to rant about!
    Kenyan politics just got really interesting!


  • happy second anniversary


  • Happy blogiversary!
    If we can help with the Hasand project from across the computer, please let us know.

    Thanks! Will do 😉

  • prodigal daughter

    oh, i’m late but happy anniversary!
    count me in on the web design thing.

  • Mbeche

    Very interested, any thing i can do to keep the politicians honest

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