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Use of hate speech and language that is likely to incite violence during the referendum campaigns

The following information was part of a paid advertisement published in the Daily Nation and the Standard since the press could not be relied upon to publish the full list.

“So far, there have been too many examples of language that constitutes the crimes of incitement to violence and hate speech along ethnic or racial lines. Further there is a trend of politicians in the course of the ongoing referendum campaigns using derogatory, insulting and degrading statements which we have labeled as unsavoury language by politicians.

We wish to notify politicians that it is an offence contrary to Section 96 of the Penal Code to utter, print or publish any words or do acts calculated to bring death or physical injury to any class, community or body of persons, lead to damage or destruction of property or lead to defiance of lawful authority. The following are samples of utterances (or words closest to the verbatim account of what was uttered), collected by the KNCHR and KHRC Field Monitors in the course of monitoring the ongoing referendum campaigns which would constitute the offence of incitement to violence and disobedience of the law“:

– “Kombo anakula pesa ambayo iliuwa Mbai” Hon Reuben Ndolo, MP for Makadara, 23rd October 2005 in Kibera Laini Saba.

– [Physically resist encroachment by the Orange team into Nyandarua], Hon. Thirikwa Kamau, Immediate Former MP for Ndaragwa, 10th October 2005 at Njambini Grounds

– Squatters should continue occupying the late JM Kariuki’s land, [this notwithstanding a court order to vacate], Hon Amos Kimuya, Min for Lands & Housing, and MP for Kipipiri, on 24th October 2005 at Ol Kalou.

“Wakisimamisha pension ya Moi, then Wakalenjin na Wakamba watavamia State House”Hon Daudi Mwanzia, MP for Machakos Town, 15th October 2005 at Iten Stadium.

– [Chase away commissioner Mutaha Kangu once he lands in Subukia for civic education]. Hon Koigi wa Wamwere, MP for Subukia on 28th October 2005 at Kabazi.

“Raila the monster should be hit on the head and killed so as not to destabilize the Kibaki government”William Wambugu, Councillor, Mukaru Ward on 6th November 2005 in Tetu.

“No one knows whether Uhuru ever got circumcised since he studied abroad. But I want to tell you that since he will come to lie to you here, we should all position ourselves strategically in the various exit points. Then we strip him naked and establish whether he is circumcised,” James Gathaka, Former Mayor of Nyeri, 6th November in Tetu.

“If we pass this Constitution, the Orange Team should not step in Meru unless they remove their flags,” Hon Peter Munya, MP for Tigania East, 7th November in Tigania.

“If YES wins, the Kikuyus should pack their bags and move out of Eldama Ravine, ” Hon Musa Sirma, MP for Eldama Ravine, 6th November 2005 in Eldama Ravine.

“People should prepare for war if NO wins.” Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri, MP for Laikipia East on 28th October 2005 at Kabazi.

“Do not to allow any group of Orange campaigners to address [you] since [you have] pledged [your] allegiance to vote yes, ” Hon Petkay Miriti, Assistant Minister for Industry, 15th October 2005, Chuka Town.

“People should retaliate if the perpetrators of Kisumu killings will not come out openly and apologize to the Kisumu residents” Hon William Omondi, MP for Kasarani, 4th November 2005 at Tala Market.

“Defend [your] land from encroachment by foreigners. [He called on] young people to arm themselves with AI (local parlance for bows and arrows) to defend the community”.
Hon Musa Sirma, MP for Eldama Ravine, 30th October 2005, Kapkures, Nakuru.

“Wale hawajatahiri peleka jandoni” Hon Simeon Nyachae, Minister for Energy & MP for Nyaribari Chache, 15th October 2005 in Ndumberi.

Further, it is subversion, contrary to section 77 (3) (e) of the Penal Code to utter any words intended or calculated to promote feelings of hatred or enmity between different races and communities in Kenya. Utterances recorded by our Field Teams falling under the category of subversion include:

– [Kalonzo is lost, Kambas do not walk with uncircumcised men] “gutie mwikamba uthisaga na ivisi,” Hon Njeru Ndwiga, Minister for Cooperatives & MP for Manyatta, 8th October 2005, Maua Stadium.

– “They hate us because we are hard working. Luos just go fishing and fish is free, and then ask the government for relief maize
to make ugali” Hon Alfred Nderitu, MP for Mwea, 5th November 2005 at Kerugoya

“Debate about the constitution stopped long ago when Raila and his group started scheming on how to usurp power from our tribe. Now the big question is, are you surrendering power to Raila or not? You have to turn out in large numbers on November 21st or else this Luo takes over power from us. We are three million while the Luos are only seven hundred thousand.” Hon Muhika Mutahi, Immediate Former MP for Mukurweini, 6th November in Tetu.

“Delamere kills Africans like dogs, the new constitution will teach him and the settlers a lesson since their land will revert to the government.” Hon P.G. Mureithi, MP for Nyeri Town, 6th November in Tetu.

“The way I was born holding a microphone is the way Raila was born holding a stone with his people, fighting all the time.” Hon Kalembe Ndile, MP for Kibwezi, 5th November 2005 in Nunguni Market.

“Should the draft constitution pass, Parliament should add a section that demands every man of age to get circumcised. A campaign on circumcision should be launched by the government.” Hon James Njiru, Former MP , 5th November at Kerugoya.

“That Asian who was brought here called Prof Yash Pal Ghai went to Sri lanka and wrote a Constitution like the one he brought to Bomas. Immediately he left, people in Sri lanka were already slaughtering each other even worse than the Tutsis. -We kikuyus are many, we are found all over including Mombasa, Kisumu, isiolo. We should then turn out in large numbers to vote so that we are not defeated.” Hon Mutahi Kagwe, MP for Mukurweini, 6th November 2005

“The drivers of the No campaign are all disabled fellows and this mugithii imeisha brakes.” Hon Njeru Ndwiga, Minister for Cooperatives, MP for Manyatta, 17th October 2005 in Runyenjes

“Mombasa nzima watu wote ni masquota kwa sababu ya Waarabu kutoka Zanzibar.” Hon Kalembe Ndile, MP for Kibwezi, 4th November 2005 in Makindu.

“Wengi wenu mumesoma hii report ya constituency levels of poverty Kenya yote. Ukienda mahali kama Nyanza province, huko watu hawafanyi kazi wanangojea watu wa Central wafanye kazi, kazi yao ni kungojea.” Hon Elias Mbau, MP for Maragua, 5th November 2005 in Muranga.

“Hii samaki people hawatosheki. ” Hon Paul Muite, MP for Kabete, 10th October in Naivasha.

“Pesa ya barabara za pwani zimepelekwa Mt. Kenya Region.” Hon Najib Balala, Minister for National Heritage & MP for Mvita, 15th October 2005 in Kilifi

11 comments to Use of hate speech and language that is likely to incite violence during the referendum campaigns

  • Njoro

    Good Job! Hope this shames them into watching what they say (since prosecution for incitement is a VERY long shot – AG’s nolle prosequi).

  • bankelele

    the (un)cut comments are sad, playground jibes, that have in the past led to some unfortunate occurences.

    Very sad indeed. Hope others will join us in the “name and shame.”

  • Ms K

    Thanks so much for this girly!!

    I am apalled, totally ashamed of the calibre of leaders we have. It’s astounding. I hang my head in shame!

    You are welcome! They engage in this kind of rubbish because we let them get away with it, it’s time for us to demand more from our leaders or we will be stuck with what we have for a while to come.

  • Msanii_XL


    the lack of dignity and decency..by “leaders” is truly disgusting


  • Thanks Ory for this – its appalling behaviour from people who are supposed to unite and lead their people not segregate and incite.

    Like Bankelele I am amazed by the school-boy bully tactics.

  • wonderful job. If they read the horrible things they say perhaps they can realise just how nonsensical and divisive they are being. Big props!

    All props should go to the Commission. The point of publishing the list is both to shame the politicians and to encourage Kenyans to challenge their leaders to be more careful about what kind of language they use…lets hope both groups respond appropriately.

  • githush

    Let them now say they were misquoted or quoted out of context. Our leaders need to be put on notice that Kenyans shall no longer accept these silly language. What does it matter if someone is not circumsised (a popular refrain this one is). I thank you for publishing this and KNCHR for collecting the data, this should be a continous effort, whether during the referendum, or any time.

    Some are already claiming that and we are under a lot of heat. Kenyans should also do their part not to encourage this inciteful language by not cheering the politicians on when such statements are made. I really don’t understand the obsession with circumcision but it is there. As for this being a continuous effort, not sure that the Commission has enough resources to sustain this work…the media was present at all these events. One wonders why they don’t report this language.

  • Surfer

    This is hilarious, too comical to be real. The reality of it all is chilling!

  • I’m Blanca, the interesting article contained the information I was searching for, Thanks

  • Mkulima222

    Shame on Kenyan politicians it is unbelievable that they actually utter these hateful words without flinching and with pride ! Move to clean up political language.

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