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Referendum goss…

The latest on the grapevine is that Yes is totally running scared (this whole thing was a big miscalculation on their part, they underestimated their unpopularity), and will use it’s influence on the courts to kill the referendum. Ruling is to be issued on Tuesday.

3 comments to Referendum goss…

  • Ms K

    Hey girl! Kudos to you and the KNHCR team. You’re doing a stellar job.

    Quick one, is it possible to get the press ad you have run today (15 Nov) listing incitement and other forms of hate speech?

    Thanks on their behalf! The people who work at the Commission are amazing, let it not be said that they are no patriotic Kenyans who are working to change things. Today’s press ad should be up shortly.

  • Njoro

    My bet is that the referendum will go ahead if ‘Baks has anything to do with the judges decision. They’ve come too far and invested (sic) too much in it to give up now.
    But we have to wait and see.
    Would you kindly post the ruling as soon as you get it. I am staying up for it (in Big D – 2.00am CST). Thnx.

    They’ve also realized that they are not doing as well as they would have liked to and are not prepared to lose in my view. Will update as soon I can.

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