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Have been enjoying non-cybercafe high speed internet access today. Some finds from my binge (and yes I’m kinda dodging a more substantive post on the referendum).

– Get your T-shirt on at Jamhuri Wear.

– You can buy Swahili comic books at Amazon.

– Bankelele is featured in a World Bank blog.

3 comments to Surf-o-rama

  • JKE

    Thx for this nice Jamhuri Link!

    You are welcome!

  • sj

    Coool. I want Swahili comix :-) Congrats on your move.

    Ndesanjo and I are rounding up some Swahili educators and enthusiasts to jump-start the Swahili Wikipedia. I’m sure you know others who would be interested in the project…


    Glad you like it. Let me know once the link is up and running, I’ll also spread the word around.

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