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TED Prize Winners

This year’s TED Prize Winners

1. Cameron Sinclair (Director Architecture for Humanity and Eternal Optimist). – All problems are local, all solutions are local. – Focus is on social responsible design. – They have a staff of just three – shows the power of a website. Started with $700 and a website. – They advocate […]

TED Day 2 – Session 1

First, Ethan and Bruno are also liveblogging TED and doing a much more comprehensive job than I am so be sure to check them out.

Then yesterday, I forgot to mention Jeff Han and his uber-cool multi-touch interaction thingy. Be sure to check out the video.

The first session was focused on life sciences. […]

TED Day 1 – Session 1

My attempt to live blog the sessions.


– First speaker is Erik Petersen who is a futurist and global analyst with 7 futures. He says the future will revolve around 7 key themes: 1) Population growth / demographics – be a big gap between high growth countries and low […]

Going to Cali…

Been trying to beat deadlines all week so haven’t had much time to blog. I’m on my way to California this weekend, to attend the TED conference. This is a HUGE deal and I can barely contain my excitement…it’s one of the many good things that have landed on my lap since I left the […]