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We are peculiar people…

…we are Kenyans.

By the way, the Daily Nation now has RSS feeds. Hat tip Mental!

What is ailing Kenyan journalism?

Gukira’s post on the amnesia of Kenyan press is very thought-provoking. He raises a very important question: “We have long complained that the Western press presents “rubbish stories,” indifferent to “real issues.” Is the Kenyan press no less complicit?”

I think the Kenyan press is no less complicit and it is time that they […]

Random stuff

So I have been working on coming up with alternative ways (i.e. non-“development aid) of solving some of the challenges facing Africa, I’m still hooked on the prize/competition idea as a way to spurn innovation, especially if combined with a mentoring element. I just came across Google’s Summer of Code page and thought it was […]