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What the hell is going on in Isiolo/Samburu?

Two days ago, I received an email from a friend of a friend asking if I had any knowledge of what was going on in the Samburu area as far attacks on indigenous Samburu people by government forces. I had vaguely recalled seeing the usual “government chasing cattle rustlers” story in the newspapers over the […]

Piga Picha

Piga Picha

Event: A Century of Portrait Photography in Kenya Starts: July 24, 2009 6:00 pm – runs until July 24, 2010 Entrance: Free (though museum charges apply) Location: National Gallery (former PC’s office, next to Nyayo House off Uhuru Highway)


It’s Our Turn to Eat Reading in Kisumu

Organized by: International PEN Kenya Chapter When: Saturday July 18, 2009 Time: 11am to 4pm Where: Aga Khan Sports Centre.

Fun for kids in Kenya

During my last trip to Kenya, I realized that next time around I need to do more fun stuff with the kids instead of just shuttling them around to visit one rela to the next (and the Spur and Village Market doesn’t count). Beyond trying to catch up with family, I’m also guilty of trying […]

New (proposed?) Nairobi City by-laws

I know people have been looking for the electronic version, so here you go. Haven’t had a chance to peruse, but according to the twitterverse there’s lots of things that make you go hhmmm (and worse).

Animal-Control By-laws

Derelict-Vehicle By-Laws





Barcamp Diaspora

For US/DC folks, Barcamp Diaspora will be held at John Hopkins on July 25, 2009. The theme is “Investing our Talent Where it Counts.”

More details here.