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British High Commissioner’s Blog

The British High Commissioner to Kenya is blogging, and he’d like to know what topics you’d want him to cover.

2 comments to British High Commissioner’s Blog

  • I was just trying to subscribe to your RSS feed, but it’s broken. Just an FYI.
    Sorry to leave a comment re: a website error, but i couldn’t find an email.

  • ke

    Part of the beauty of blogging is that it gives you the writer, the ability to be very honest about your opinions.

    The British high commissioner, as an employee of the government is going to have to be careful about what he says, which means, “his” blog is essentially going to be turned into a very politically correct, careful, regurgitation of what the foreign office in London, expects him to say.

    In other words, the commissioner is not free to say what he REALLY wants, so why even bother asking him any questions? You’ll just end up with a canned, sugary answer devoid of honesty and truth.

    Now, if Edward Clay had a blog, I’d read that since he is out of government and presumably would have the freedom to be much more honest about his answers.