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On hiatus (again)

Apologies for the lack of frequent posts.

Unfortunately, the trend will continue for a while.

Fortunately, it’s for a very good reason.

Baby number 2 is due in about +/- 2 weeks.

It’s been a LOONG journey, second time around. Not just because I’ve been chasing my rambunctious toddler around. There were complications in the first half and lots of stuff going on in my personal life that added to the stress. But we have made it this far, and we are doing well…now hoping and praying for a safe delivery.

Happy Holidays!

And yes I will post a picture.

17 comments to On hiatus (again)

  • My very best wishes! ! And since all my babies arrived well before start date, I will urge you to have your bag ready :)

  • due date, not start date

  • I am full of admiration. Only God know how you manage.

    Guess we now know what you were up to while other Kenyan were busy making war on each other

  • Ory Okolloh

    @ Mwari, thanks! I’m all ready for the “start” hehehe.

    @ Fimbo, I’m all about peace :-)

  • When the first child arrives there is a sense of wonder about the child. When the second child arrives there is still a wonder about the child, but a beautiful creation of “family” in a way that was not there before. I wish you and your unborn child all the very best during labour and birth. I wish your darling husband and daughter joy and happiness in meeting their new daughter/son or sister/brother.

  • Irene

    Good for yah! Perfect gift for the holiday. I’ll keep an eye out for that picture.

  • glo

    wishing you all the best and looking forward to the pic.
    Happy holidays

  • Congratulations and God bless you and your expected one!
    Adding merry x-mas and blessed new year!

  • prou

    Godspeed to you and the little one, A Merry Christmas and Blessed 2009.

  • All the best Ory.

  • Fingers crossed for an easy birth, Ory. Can’t wait to meet this kid, who’s already been such a handful!

  • Hi Ory,

    Best wishes with the delivery….and new baby!!

    I was wondering if you would be able to net work this petition for us.
    We are running out of time as there ae only 6 days left before the President signs the flawed Biosafety Bill 2008. The implications will be disastrous for all of us Kenyans, especially our kids and future generations.

    This is our petition

    The Kenyan Biosafety Bill 2008 is a greatly contested and controversial Bill. As it stands today, it does not require labeling of GMO’s in Kenya. This means we as Kenyans do not have the right to choose the products we consume nor those that are released into our environment.
    Added to this, should the GMO’s cause damage to either human , animal or environmental health the Bill does not address the issues of compensation and redress adequately.

    Kenyan farmers are staging a week long campaign to ensure His Excellency The President Mwai Kibaki does NOT sign the Bill, but sends it back to the drawing board to be redrafted with input from all of the necessary stake holders. The current Bill is not representative of the stake holders and has been supported largely by Politicians and Institutions both National and International that have vested interests in fast tracking the Bill as quickly as possible.

    Last week farmers in Nairobi, Machakos and Kitale took to the streets in peaceful demonstration.
    An week long sms petition was launched yesterday Dec 23 as well as an online petition.

    To be part of this campaign you can do the following
    1) Sms a message to the President on 8830 urging him not to sign the Bill
    2) Add your support to the online campaign by going to this link


    3) Tell your friends and families to do the same and network this information through your face book and other networks.

    Su Kahumbu
    Kenya Biodiversity Coalition

    Thanks so much for anything you are able to do for the petition, and have a wonderful Xmas with your new baby.


  • I pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby. Perfect gift to your family and we want to thank you for keeping us informed about Kenya in time of turmoil and peace. May i suggest a name for the baby….if a girl ..Amani if a boy Barack Happy New Year and we look forward to your posts in 2009

  • Just heard the wonderful news! Congratulations!!

  • Joseph M

    You are amazing. Conglaturations and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for finally writing about > On hiatus (again) « Kenyan Pundit < Liked it!