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Animation seminar at Sarit – Dec 6th

This looks like it will be a very interesting event. The organizers hope to break the myths surrounding animation in Kenya, such as it’s a “foreign art” and that you need big expensive computers to do it well. The event is expected to be “an amazing opportunity for Kenyan design geeks and animation enthusiasts to meet up, share ideas and plot on how to take over the worldwith our own animation content starting 2009!”

See the website for registration details and more information. Kudos to the Kenya Film Commission for sponsoring this.

If anyone reading this attends, please come back and report on how it went…

AOB: For more on the current state of animation in Africa, see this article.

2 comments to Animation seminar at Sarit – Dec 6th

  • Anthony 'deepthot' mwadime

    think the seminar is a brilliant idea and it is bout time we showed africa and the rest of the world that we’re not only long distanece runners bt animators as well.

  • maina

    it was a success with the guest of honor Dr Ndemo making an inspiring speech … there is alot of talent out there and people are getting really innovative to cut on costs. There is another seminar coming soon .. early 2009 – the disney sponsor production taking place here in kenya was the highlight, the post production has employed a lot of people who shared what they do ..