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Quick Hits April 24

– Interesting perspective on Kisumu youth who took part in the riots (if you ignore the author’s tendency for the overdramatic). I really wish more of our Kenyan writers / journalists would make an effort to talk to and write about the often faceless and nameless “violent youth with nothing to lose”.

– And another example of underreported stories, two young Kenyan brothers helping kids who have been affected by the post election crisis.

– How Kenyan journalists were affected by the post-election violence.

– File-share among different social networking sites made easy with Oosah.

– Busting up toys for Darfur, WTF? And I thought the “I am an African” campaign was bad.

6 comments to Quick Hits April 24

  • Ishara

    Hi Ory,

    Just to thank you for keeping us up to date on what’s up (and down!) in Kenya, I find the CCP initiatives especially encouraging. Pls keep up the good work.

    On to why I’m posting, I read the papers daily among other things but my need-to-know-now frenzy has tapered off significantly (thank God!) I don’t know how often you check your KP email so I thought I could post my query here….are the mailing lists you blogged about subscribing to on Kenya restricted? If they’re open I would appreciate info on subscribing.

    Thanks in advance,


  • acolyte

    Wonderful insightful piece on the Kisumu youth and the brothers, thanks for sharing!

  • Ory Okolloh

    Ishara, you should be able to find links on the different mailing lists here http://rescuekenya.wordpress.com/

  • Hallo
    Thanks for nice blog.
    YUo are doing a good work about the two brothers being supported.

    Thanks so much

  • Hallo
    Thanks for you good and wonderful blos and also fro the update of the carazy things which happened here in Kenya
    Thanks so much

  • That two Kenyan brothers are so admirable, for helping the post election victims. I’m hoping too that Kenyan journalist would write something like you do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts to us. Thanks also for letting us know about what’s happening in Kenya.

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