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ECK Internal Report on 2007 Election

ECK is basically absolving itself of any wrongdoing as far as the presidential vote tallying. The full report is here.

A summary of the disparities in the report (in comparison to what observers reported) can be found here.

1 comment to ECK Internal Report on 2007 Election

  • Christina

    No surprise here!

    The ECK didn’t count on getting caught, so why would they admit to something they weren’t going to tell anyone (other than those who had been paid to circumvent justice) anyway?

    The good news is that while Sam K. and the other commissioners, PO’s and RO, may make their way out of this with a slight “hand-slap”, they still has to ultimately answer to God for the blood on his hands. It’s all there in black and white ! “Don’t be decieved, God isn’t mocked, whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap.” And whatever conscience he has left keeps reminding him that there is a day of reckoning!!!

    Knowing this, just makes me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!