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Diary 26 – Pearshaped Blogosphere


Some friends say ‘Let us blog, we’ll call it Kenyablog.’ They blog and blog and blog. A member posts ‘This blog is tedious, I’m gonna form a blog, a blog called Lakeyblog where Lakey types can blog.’ The rump of Kenyablog rename themselves TheHighlandblog and blog about the soil, quite unaware […]

Not off to Istanbul

I had a uuum, visa mishap.

Relied on online site for visa information and didn’t notice that only “official” passport holders from Kenya as opposed to “ordinary” passport holders didn’t require a visa. I’ve been to Turkey several times when no visa was required so there was also a bit of ujuaji on my […]

Concerned Citizens for Peace Update Feb 6

[I’m off to Istanbul for a digital activism conference, will probably be offline till Friday. The post below has lots of opportunities where people can help, please contact those listed directly or send me an email – kenyanpundit-at-gmail if you want to help]


* A Kenya map, littered with yellow post it […]

Quick Hits Feb 5

– The ban on live media broadcasts has been lifted. I’m really finding hard to see what it achieved….wouldn’t it just have been easier to go after individual broadcasters who were inciting violence if that was the main concern?

– Haiya, I thought this story was just another nai-rumor when it was doing the […]