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Opportunity for theatre artistes in East Africa

Please let us introduce the Sundance Institute Theatre Program, one of America ‘s leading programs supporting new writing for the stage. Based in Sundance, Utah (with offices in Los Angeles, California), as part of the Sundance Institute (www.sundance.org), its mission is to identify and assist emerging theatre artists, to reinvigorate the creative energies of established artists, and to encourage and support the development of new work for the American theatre. The Sundance model emphasizes development through professional mentorship within a supportive artistic community.

May 19-31, 2008, American theatre artists from the Sundance Institute Theatre Program are planning an exploratory visit to meet East African theatre artists and to explore a potential relationship of exchange between Sundance and East Africa . In order to learn more about the East African theatre community, we are thinking about several different kinds of interactions: a Public Meeting where we can meet all interested individuals; intimate artistic presentation exchange opportunities; individual meetings with interested artists; and select professional interactions with Sundance guest artists.

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned interactions, we’d love to hear from you.

TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST: Please send, by email only, to theatreeastafrica@sundance.org:

1. a letter of interest

2. a résumé of your work in the theatre

3. 5 pages of theatrical writing


We will respond to your inquiry with updated information about our May visit after March 15th.

Our ultimate hopes for this exchange are three-fold: to expose American artists to the richness of theatrical expression from East Africa, to offer to our international colleagues a glimpse into the methodologies of play development at Sundance and to support theatre in East Africa . We very much want Sundance in East Africa to be borne out of the desires, hopes and vision of East Africans themselves. We hope over the coming years to create rich, deep and broad creative exchanges between East Africa and the United States .

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