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Quick Hits: Feb 21

Thanks everyone for sharing the 8-4-4 memories, you have me cracking up…and it’s a great reminder of what’s so fabulous about being Kenyan.

– Problems I’d like to have. Oh darling…do we really have to give up the Barcelonas…tehehe. Gosh I miss the self-indulgent aspects of living in the U.S. sometimes. I haven’t done much childproofing in my house besides latches in the kitchen cupboards where cleaning supplies are kept. I’m of the “I’ll chapa you!” and “Weh!” school of thought. So far so good.

– The church finally gets its act together in Kenya, read about the Msafara initiative and lend your support by either joining the trip or helping to purchase relief packs.

Vuma Kenya makes the Boston Globe! The diaspora has been getting quite the negative shrift in Kenya as far as claims that they have been helping fan and sponsor the violence…so it’s important to show highlight the positive initiatives that are being carried out by those in the diaspora.

– Is your President Hot or Not?, interesting review of a book on voting systems.

4 comments to Quick Hits: Feb 21

  • sf

    LOL! Am a mother too and I also use the same thought as yours “I’ll chapa you and *weh/wacha!*”. My kids now use it all the time, lol. :

  • Sijui

    KP it depends on just how prized your possessions are! I’ll chapa you works only up to a point………wait till your fancy, fluffy pillows are poked and turn in to a stream of feathers and thread :)

    I’ve resorted to both now……….compromise through a well designed play area, and I’ll chapa you if you stray from the play area to my ‘domain’……..every girl in the house must have her castle!

    I agree, it works only up to a point…you know when they are so quiet and you show up to find them in “Hey look what I’m doing with the toilet paper” bliss…hehehe. I realized Gabi was taking up all the rooms in the house, there were literally toys in every room. Now she’s limited to her tu-areas where she’s free to go crazy.

  • kpd

    haha. and i’m sure the i’ll chapa you/weh comes with The Look. classic. interesting article tho… the parents seemed very concerned with not giving up their pre-parent selves… something you faced? didn’t see it with my sisters…

    kisses to gabi.

    I was very concerned with not giving up pre-parent self, not in terms of furniture or “aesthetics” but as far as my dreams and ambitions (and the ability to sleep in on weekends occasionally) and my time with Baba KP. So far so good (sleeping in means waking up with her and promptly going back to sleep when she does…as a result we rarely emerge from the house before 3:00 pm on Sundays).