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Quick Hits – Feb 11

Fundraising event for Kenyans in NY: Kenyans in New York are organising a fundraiser aimed at helping the victims of the violence. We are fundraising specifically for Urgent Action fund which has a rapid response strategy and reaches out to victims of violence. Our focus is that the funds be used for post – exposure prophylaxis to prevent the spread of HIV.The Venue for the fundraiser will be at the LAVA GINA Club on Ave C between 7th and 8th St on Saturday Feb 23, 2008, from 9:00pm. A suggested donation of $10 will be collected. Online donations can be made through www.africanservices.org. Kindly Indicate that your donation is for the Kenya post-election crisis.

– Kenyans send their “Tips to Annan” via mobile video.

– All might be calm in Nairobi, but there are indications that the violence might be far from over elsewhere.

– In other news…interesting theory on why female leaders have a hard time. Karua’s politics aside, it’s been interesting to see how much admiration she’s getting from Kenyan men (who agree with her politics) because she has “balls” – I wonder where she’d fit in Kristoff’s analysis.

– TED Africa is coming to Cape Town this September, click here to register / apply for a fellowship…it’s going to be a fantastic event…hopefully my current dalliance with Afro-

2 comments to Quick Hits – Feb 11

  • “Exposure reduces prejudice,” Professor Duflo suggested.” I think for Ms. Karua this is the case. The story goes that when she first ran in Gichugu she had a hard time making her case on why the elders should support her. How she did it is not important, but that she did is evidence of her astuteness as a politician. She has been reelected ever since. On the thrust of her leadership… I am at a loss to say where she stands on other issues but legal. This Kenyan also thinks she has “balls”

  • My dad who i consider a bit of a chauvinist, agrees that Martha has guts. While she comes accross as a hardliner, she supports her arguments eloquently and astutely. I have a chance to attnd a conference she was attending and all i can say is “wow”. You need 2 men for 1 Karua.