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Election 2007 Dec 29 6:15 pm update

The latest ECK briefing just got down. The briefing was very chaotic, with lots of interruption, ODM claimed that the Nithi numbers had changed 3 times each time getting higher and that the results don’t tally with what their presiding officers had on the ground – no time to go into the nitty gritty. It is important to note, however, that everyone got their say and there was a candid exchange with Kivuitu. Kivuitu reiterated that he will not be bullied by any side into submitting false results.

I also want to emphasize left by a commenter that the vast majority of Kenyans are sitting tight and waiting for the results – not sure what you guys are seeing on western media but things are not falling apart (yet). I really really hope that the leaders on both sides come out and urge restraint because things could easily spiral out of control.

This one is a cliffhanger guys.

Latest results: Kibaki 3,842,051 Raila 3,880,053 with 180 constituencies in. ODM guys looked stunned and huddled immediately afterwards.

The remaining constituencies are:

Mandera Central
Kitui West
Maragua (more votes than registered voters submitted)
Gatundu South
Turkana North
Turkana Central
Kajiado North

40 comments to Election 2007 Dec 29 6:15 pm update

  • Dave Goldiner

    Can anybody give a broad analysis of where are these outstanding constituency and which candidat e might be tipped to win them?

  • kanyonyango

    ory! you are very good….all the info here tally with other blogs as well! and my opinion is, Kenyans should not accept rigged results.

  • A Congolese

    I just saw on French TV “France24” two Nairobi residents, with bundles of their belongings on their heads, fleeing the city. This footage is being shown in a loop whenever there’s news update!

  • Linda O

    I think the whole country is stunned at those results!?! How now?

    We were watching the ECK briefing on Africast.tv – livestreaming from KTN. This is a waiting game now.

  • Tanzania

    Hey kenyans it obvious Raila has won. Never ever accept the different results by ECK

  • susan a.

    Ory was it just me or did the ECK chairman hesistate do visibly before releasing those presidential results. For most of us in the diaspora, the painfully slow release of polls results was frustrating. And now that the annoncements have began once again the gap has reduced from a differnce of 300 000 to a mere 38 002. Looking at the remaining contituencies … anything is possible.

  • Kenyan in the US

    Just prior to the ECK announcement, NationMedia online showed Raila with 4.2 M votes, and Kibaki with 4 M votes with 189 out of 210 constituencies counted. Now it shows them both tied at 3.8 M votes. How can “more counting” result in “fewer votes”? Also, Marsgroup removed the tally by KTN that was also higher than the ECK results. Can anyone explain? An independent media is crucial for a free and fair election. The beauty of 2002 election is that the media houses posted results telephoned in from the polling centers before the ECK giving them no opportunity to rig the election. Has the Kenyan media regressed? I am completely shocked by Nation revising their numbers downwards!

  • so is it kibiki or hmmm kibiki?

  • Samir

    I’m having a bad feeling in my stomach all this, how can election officials turn-off their phones ??? I think the Presidents men are stuffing ballots as we speak. What mandate will he rule with if the rest of the country believes he stole the elections ? I hope and pray for the safety of all.

  • Mzungu

    The ECK website offers nothing helpful. Looking at parliamentary results for Bomachoge, it lists three individuals getting 100% of the votes, out of 20+ names on the ballot, and none of the numbers tallying with those available from other sources.

  • probacks

    ECK says no more briefings for today.They will look at everything overnight and resume the briefings tommorow.I think that eases the tension.

  • Linda O

    Folks – and Ory please confirm – it seems they are shutting down for the night.

    This just doesn’t seem right. Let the counting continue – 18 constituencies left?! why don’t I have a good feeling about this.

  • A Congolese

    There’s a flaw somewhere in the system. Each polling station should’ve first posted its own tally independently before sending the ballots to the ECK. This way, any rigging could’ve been avoided.

  • Alani

    Results Frommedia groups ARE not oFFicial, the media is biased against you know who they are not impartial. We can only rely on oFFIcial results by the ECK, Mr Kivuitu has been candid with us and has said that results that are dubious ( From BOTH sides) are not being announced. and For the nation and KTN to lower their numbers to correspond with ECK validates the ECK and invalidates their own (media). Let ECK announce what it gets From the Field. I there is anything underhanded then that will have to be sorted thorugh the legal process.

    I hope these leaders will come out and say something about the tensions that are now brewing on the ground. This is Kenya For heaven’s sake!!! There vitriol that has been part oF the campaings is now bearing Fruit and iF let to go on unabetted will end up really ugly.

  • fran

    Yes…..The ECK has said no more briefings nor conduct any business till kesho………Guys doesnt this cause more tensions and axiety? how will guys sleep?

  • BeleagueredIvyLeaguer

    It is Ohio ’04 and Florida ’00 all over again. The endgame has PNU lifting the irregularities straight out of the US Republican party playbook. Kivuitu is under a lot of duress. Think about it for a sec: you are surrounded by commissioners you neither know well nor necessarily trust, government intelligence agents, an expectant domestic and foreign media, a nation on the edge and your own credibility on the ropes. The honorable thing here would be for the chairman to stay faithful to the pricinciples of democracy and fairplay. Announce the results and ignore the pressure. He is clearly a folksky and nuanced man but I am afraid this thing may just as well consume him and any ounce of respectability left of the process. Politics is a dirrty game.

    Once again, thanks Ory for the marvelous job you are doing. By and large you are ahead of the game on this.


  • gaisha94

    As i said ealier there are still more votes to count and ECK is the only body with true tally.It seems to me most of the counting was complete in Raila’s stronghold.Now that Kibaki’s stronghold is coming up there is no reason to panic.Its normal for numbers to change as votes come in.Remember don’t ever celebrate before the chicks are hatched lest the eggs were not fertile.Calm down people let the system works its way out.Whoevder wins is God’s choice and we all have to swallow our political differences and rally behind him.

  • Mugash

    You’re a saint, Ory. Please keep it coming.

  • Thanks so much Ory!
    There is very little coverage in the states. I imagine that the Bhutto assasination is giving them all the ‘international’ news they need right now. Or maybe to them it is not worth covering until (hopefully not) chaos erupts, then all the cameras will turn to us.

    thanks again,

  • fran

    Its very ussual especially when the numbers Are so close as they are….The good thing is that we already know these guys crying fowl about rigging by their history……..Not that they have changed!!!!!!

  • Clive

    Let’s hope and pray that Kenyans exercise restrain. Even so the ECK insulting the intelligence of Kenyans by releasing reports with glaring evidence of rigging such as a higher voter turnout than those registered will without a doubt fan serious violence. I hope there have not been any major irregularities, but at this point it would be naive to say that the elections have been free and fair, going by what we are hearing from the ground. I hope everything can be resolved amicably and for the ECK to show impartiality with the remainder of the counting and/or reporting process.

  • Guys … More updates please

  • Tom

    Thanks Okolloh for your dedication. I’d learnt long ago never to believe everything I here on Kenya on foreign media and it’s for that reason that I find your update quite ok. Being a journalist myself when I watch footage tagged “Chaos in Nairobi” on NBC or SABC International, and call my family back home immediately, the contrast is quite visible and I don’t blame them since they rely on reporters living at some Runda Estate and filing their reports based on what they read on local media then add a bit of blood to make it seem real… BBC World has been ok, but Kenyan issue is now been over-shadowed by the Pakistani issue…

    So just to say THANK YOU.

  • fran

    I think ECK is trying to be fair…..No evident of them releasing rigged results…Infact they have turned down such a thing from wherever….Hey guys, give credit where its due……
    Good job ECK….i’nt an easy task as WE WANT to be!!

  • Dugu

    Ory thanks for the updates!! 😛

    There’s almost No coverage about this on any States TV ( CNN, MSNBC or FOX )
    The only news is Bhutto & US own elections. They may pay more attention, when more chaos happens in Kenya.

    Keep the updates coming. Maybe any pictures would be nice.

  • fran

    I bet 5 more for kibaki isnt bad compared to the last five…However 5 for Raila i’nt bad too……though we don’t have anything to compare…with nor don’t know what to expect… Generally Both of them are good and Kenyan enough to rule ………or?

  • Vincent

    The Western media outlets are reporting on the situation in Kenya though Bhutto’s death seems to have taken center stage. Here are some reports of violence on BBC and MSNBC:



  • Harun

    Please who knows the results of Mandera?

  • Hey Harun. I am not sure but according to some reports, Mandera East Shaaban has being defeated and another guy won. Central also Bilow has being defeated and someone lawyer won. Not sure though about west. Will let ya know when I get any updates.

  • Coty

    Mandera results from the ECK site, though still preliminary:

    Mandera East:
    Mohamed Hussein Ali ODM wins over Shabban Ali Isaack KANU

    Mandera West:
    Maalim Mahamud Mohamed ODM wins over Mohamed Abdi Haji Mohamed KANU

    Mandera Central:
    kenyaelections07.marsgroupkenya.org is reporting that Hussein Abdikadir of Safina won, but the ECK site is not yet reporting votes (as of 18:42 GMT).

  • Guys…
    It seems Aljazeera English is covering the Kenyan situation in more detail as of 6pm UK time…

    You can now watch live feeds on my website..


    click on Kenya Vote – Live TV

  • Harun

    Thanks Abass. Wanted to know about about Chachu of Ford Kenya in Mandera? Thanks again

  • Opps..
    On the drop down choose News, then Aljazeera English

  • Observer

    I don’t think the anomalies are a result of Odinga’s “stronghold” being counted first. I think it is obvious to most that have watched things unfold that it may have been Kibaki’s plan B. Having everything announced before his “stronghold” ensures that if he needed to rig the numbers so as to declare a false win it would be easy. It is also suspect to me that he did not want an independent third part overseeing the election or that he did not include the opposition when choosing the ECK staff. It goes to show he is self-serving which is also synonymous with corrupt. Even if he has done something for the economy it is not unique and I would rather that Kenya had a President that was “for the people” and who could keep his word not one that fabricated lies just to get in office then double crossed his allies in the end. Kibaki has proved he cannot be trusted nor can he live up to his word. No one is perfect but there are specific instances during his rule when he has blatantly acted against the best interest of Kenyans. He should concede defeat and move on even if that puts him on the map as the first president to be booted by the ballot box.

  • ProKenya

    CNN is finally reporting but they have poll results from Thursday, just another way the U.S is trying to push chaos

  • Selinah

    To David Goldiner,

    You might want to check out the blog at wherehermadnessresides.blogspot.com. She has some analysis of sorts. Althogh she doesn’t seem to have some of the latest info that Ory has.

  • probacks

    kibaki sworn in.

  • Hi Some good interesting content on here. Nice work.

  • […] Election 2007 Dec 29 6:15 pm update […]