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Gabi at 9 weeks

Gabi 9 weeks1

Originally uploaded by ateka.

She’s growing so fast! Pic was taken 3 weeks ago.

16 comments to Gabi at 9 weeks

  • Goodness, she’s just edible.. Does it really get better? I just got up from a nap..joy oh joy!

    Yes it does, though there’s bumps along the way…a low point will be your first growth spurt around 3 weeks where you feel like K.C.C., are at the point when you begin to process how overwhelming everything is (and how the cute pregnancy belly is now just a sagging mass of fat)and you sleep even less (if that’s possible). If they feed well that’s a huge plus, there’s nothing more frustrating…thankfully Gabi’s a eater, sleep however, is a whole other story.


    Congrats by the way!


  • anonymous

    Gabbi Baby

    I know you are reading this (because mummy wants you to be a blogger)…I will come and rescue you from the hormones that mama is hiding in your milk

    hehehe..Ory confess!! What formula are you feeding this kid? 9 weeks? Shes very cute hope she doubles her size next month so she can be the youngest blogger alive.

  • oh another cute one. this is surely a blog-baby year
    her too we shud get her a name…baby pundit? or pundit baby?

    i agree with mocha …yup those cheeks…mmmm mmmm mmmm. they look salted and ready for a bite.

    blessings for baby and mum

    I like Baby Pundit..cheeks are very very edible.

  • Tato: What about ”Kapudit”

    Ory, am sure you dont like the name already.:wink:

  • Ok.. ” Kapundit” I meant.

    Yes, I’m not feeling it :-)

  • Sarah

    9 weeks, African babies must have some superior genes that would be the size of a 12 week oderio. Ehhh so how long does she sleep for now?:lol:

    3.5 hours straight max…and she’s growing through a phase where she’s not feeling her cot…she’ll sleep anywhere else but.

  • Ms K

    Yummy yummy Gabi!!!!!!! What a sweet potato!!

    She’s really like the sweetest baby!!

  • Ms K

    LOL I sund like I’m about to take a bite!! 😆

  • Ms K

    LOL I sund like I’m about to take a bite!! :lol::mrgreen:

  • acolyte

    Cute little one! Seems she will be crawling in no time!

  • kipepeo

    Oh my!!! first…check her hair do!! Dang!!! She is scrumptious! absolutely gorgeous!! aaaw!!

  • Auntie Mimi

    Oh- my cute niece (FINALLY I can say those words). Adorable, I can’t wait to see her in a few months…at this growth rate she might just make the cut for a flowergirl by september

  • Princess

    She is such a healthy and adorable baby!! Too cute for words!!

  • Sijui

    Medussa and KP, I feel you!!!! My daughter is now nine months and wow!!…….is it not a ride? She refused to nurse after the third day and that just crushed me :(

    Ever determined, I ended up breast pumping rather than breast feeding. LONG LIVE THE BREAST PUMP!!!!!! Congratulations new mamas! BTW, is it not fantastic watching their personalities emerge?

  • :smile: I am loving the cheeks! In the first pic you uploaded, she was such a little little one.. now she is a big girl!!

    I so feel you on the 3.5 hours of sleep… I look forward to seeing more pics of her. I bet now she is already 3 months old and a few days!