I’m still without an ADSL line so in between that and Gabriella, my surfing is spotty at best. The 3-G card hookup was fantastic like for a week and a half then the speed dramatically dropped…classic bait and switch…MTN is rubbish. I haven’t even dared to check my aggregator recently…opening my gmail alone is an achievement.

Anyway, today was a good speed day so I had the chance to check out some new cool social networking apps.

While I was busy having a baby, people have come up with the idea of micro-blogging.

1. Jaiku – (I wonder if this could be used for election reporting? Anyone interested in exploring that?)

2. Twitter

For comparisons of the two, click here and here.

Also worth checking out is Semapedia coming out of Ghana. Check out a review by BBC (nice to see African developers getting the spotlight).

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