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Quick Hits

New model for wireless internet?

– On why telling a black person thatthey are “articulate” is not a compliment.

– 2008 aspirants get their blog on.

Interesting model for smaller scale VC funding – something like this would be easy to implement in Kenya.

8 comments to Quick Hits

  • Sarah

    In reference to Africans how often have you heard,’your english is soo good”

  • acolyte

    @ Sarah
    I have heard that one before and it makes my teeth grate! Thanks for the link!

  • Refer to Chris Rock’s comment on Colin Powell – “speaks so well is not a compliment!”

    Sarah & Acolyte: I heard it enough times. It’s not a compliment – it’s a subtle way of saying ” you don’t talk like an African American”

  • sam

    does anyone know where i can get my hand on the freedom of information bill?

    Hi Sam, check the following link


  • (i)We need people like Biden, who helps shed light into the thinking of our non AA folks.

    (ii)Now, here is a case of the possibility of throwing the baby out with the bath water: Now people will be wondering whether what they hear is a genuine compliment or not.

    (iii)What do people expect? Is it not true that most AA stand out in the way they expression themselves (verbally or otherwise) and that their chosen mode is different than the norm? American loves conformity (which society does not?), hence Obama’s standing out for his brand of conformity.

    (iiib)Unfortunately for our AA friends, they are caught in a catch 22 situation: To make it in corporate/political Americ, you need to conform to system expectations, but this goes against one’s being, considering their past history with the white man!

    (iv) Are we not all impatient with communication we cannot understand well (i.e. does not conform to our speech expectations?) Most americans get frustrated with the customer service centers in India, just because they think those guys do nto speak well.

  • @ Toiyoi – somewhere deep down you think you ahve a point but here is why you don’t. All educated AAs I’ve met can and do speak fluent “articulate” English when required. However, you will hear them speaking in their ebonics version amongst other blacks. This is comparable to those who speak both sheng and English just fine. Frankly, the number of “White Trash” people massacreing the English language into a space where it could be considered “not articulate” is just as large as the AAs. Haven’t you heard the “she had went” and all such phrases? Basically, a smart person should know enough to know most educated AAs can speak fluent “articulate” English.

    I call for a misuse of a term here. Obama is both articulate (was this ever in question with a Harvard education, Pundit?) and more importantly, eloquent. The operative term for Obama ought to be eloquent. Rarely do you meet people who can speak to the masses, personalize a message and simplify it ; all at once. Eloquence is unique in people from all races. Now that as an observation would not be offensive.

    The Boulder Colorado project, it’s awesome. I just showed this to a colleague of mine who is retiring next week, he’s applying at 67 years. Good luck to him!

    Mimmz, I get what you are saying about the fact that Obama is indeed articulate by Oxford Dictionary standards, the problem is that when most white people use that term in reference to a black person there’s an element of surprise behind it. Almost as if it’s such an accomplishment for you to be able to speak well. For instance, my former white classmates at HLS would never have it pointed out to them that they are articulate (and they were), but I’d get it all the time.

    I’d love to see the Boulder Colorado project be replicated in Kenya. KP

  • @Mimmz
    Actually they were several ponts ( :evil:) several points, not really deep, just open observations.

    And I know about educated AA, some of whom, unfortunately again, try too hard not to be seen as the average AA (and i understand, given the very hostile environment they find themselves in (ie all AA).

    Another point: Have you considered that the term “white trash” is it self derogatory to the rest of non-white? How so? Trash should be trash, right? But no, a white cannot be trash, so if you find a white fella who is being a disgrace to their folks, and should be trash, still dignify him/her by qualifying the trashness to be not so bad, hence “white trash”. Think about it for 59 seconds, and you should get my point.