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Quick hits

– Imnakoya comments on Black Looks post on poor links among African bloggers. I used to do a lot of his point one i.e. link to other Kenyan/African bloggers at least every couple of days, but this habit dropped off as I got busier and spent less time blogging. I will do my best to get back into this habit at least once a week and encourage other bloggers to do the same…it really is a good way to boost both readership and rankings.

– Soldier of Africa – excellent blog by a South African soldier who’s currently stationed in Darfur.

– Why Zuma won’t win the succession race. It’s all about the ANC party nomination process and while Zuma might have a lot of popular support (still????!!!!), the masses have no say in the nomination process. In any event, it should be an interesting year for South African politics.

9 comments to Quick hits

  • Thanks for amplifying the message!

  • M

    Was just thinking about that oddly enough … used to have a New Kids On The Blog section. Maybe should put some more energy into that as well

  • have trailed off on this myself despite writing about it – used to regularly links to new and interesting stories! Its just getting harder and harder – blogging that is

  • I think alongside support for african blogs among africans, we need a new kids on the block or something for new and outstanding blogs. BEcause we have to admit be it american, european or african blogs; there is alot of chaffe with the wheat.

  • eddie

    Eeesh! good to comment hear…read a few of your stories and they are not dissapointing anyway…good stuff…Topical i must say…

  • sijui

    Thank God about Zuma! I was getting desperate at the prospect of him having even a glimmer of hope. South Africa has come just to far for this nutcase!

  • Maybe I am a ‘new kid’ and maybe not. My blog is new, and about Tanzania, though I’m not African.

    I blog about development issues and a successful development project – the School of St Jude in Arusha.

    Here… http://www.schoolstjude.blogspot.com

    I’m on a learning curve and your blogs are helping. That’s partly why we do it isn’t it? Exchange of learnings?

  • Thanks for amplifying the message!

  • car

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