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TED Africa’s Speakers List

A sneak preview into what’s shaping up to be an amazing line-up (including yours truly…hehehe).

3 comments to TED Africa’s Speakers List

  • This is a great line up Ory but the cost of attending is prohibative even if one was able to find cheaper accommodation in regular hotels! I would love to attend but cannot see my employer coming up with $2000 so and am sure so many others will miss the opportunity to attend. I realise the cost of holding the conference is high but surely knowing that both those of us in Africa (I will be in SA at the time) and abroad do not have these kind of funds. I am saddened that the cost is so high.

    Thanks anyway for the information – hope to see u in Joburg in the new year sometime.

  • So, I’m really excited to finally get to meet you Ory. Enough of this trading emails drivel.. :)

    I’ll be attending the conference on a fellowship and I plan on picking your brain to no end.

  • […] for Africa’s future. Their voices will inspire. And their ideas will spread.” Hat tip to Ory, blogging at Kenyan Pundit; she’s on the speakers’ list! You may watch some amazing […]